Danny way waiting for lightning

Colorful folks and cool stunts abound, but casual viewers may still utter a big "Why? The construction is more like a TV reality show than a work of journalism or personal exploration; it's meant to keep you tuned in without actually revealing anything. There are others and they are easy to recognize, but these four are a good representation different disciplines in action sports. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. In Yogi Proctor graduated art school and quit making art.

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Waiting For Lightning skate video soundtrack - Video by Jacob Rosenberg | Skatevideosite

For more than a decade he has worked as a senior consultant to Adobe Systems Inc. Guy Mariano as Guy Mariano. There are no featured audience reviews yet. While providing a fantastically visual diversion for aspiring skateboarders, this documentary lacks any personal insight into or commentary about legendary Danny Way.

Waiting For Lightning

December 14, Rating: There are others and they are easy to recognize, but these four are a good representation different disciplines in action sports. PG for dangerous sports action, some language and thematic material involving drugs and alcohol.

Crystal Ackley as Mary O'Dea, age But also, he could take those skills to the ramp and usher in a new type of skating. Jordan Richter as Jordan Richter.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Season 11 The Flash: The Haunting of Hill House. December 7, Rating: Grant Romagnoli as Danny Way, Age 2. Instead Proctor practices the proliferation of decoys. A skateboarder for almost twenty years, he is currently the Director of Creative Writing at Harvard.

Season 4 The Deuce: Todd Richards as Todd Richards. He was an awesome street skater.

More Top Movies Trailers Forums. January 9, Rating: IIf it's a god on a skateboard you want, a god on a skateboard you'll get in this hagiography Originally from England, Los Angeles based Darryl Franklin is an entertainment industry attorney ddanny manager. The line between fearlessness and idiocy can be a thin one, especially in this sport, and the doc never gets too far under Way's skin.

Well it's the original park and then they made them into fish ponds and added vert to these things and so it's a really rough kink and he did it off of that and I shot a sequence and I think that's around the time when I thought, you know this kid's going to be hot.

March 20, Rating: View All Photos 7. Season 2 DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Miles Michaud as Boyfriend.

Waiting For Lightning () - Rotten Tomatoes

Julian Haggart as Danny Way, Age 3. Dondillon Rohrer as Danny Way, Age 7.

The filmmakers utilized an all-digital workflow designed by Rosenberg that mixed nine different video formats seamlessly and printed the HD edit directly to film. In his quest for greatness, Way continues to shape the very sport which helped save his own life. Bret Anthony Johnston Writer. A skateboarder in the early s, he developed his passion for video and film by making acclaimed skateboard videos released by Plan B.

It's a film about how much abuse the body can sustain, how deep you have to dig to survive the challenges life presents, and how high and far dreams can fly.

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