An exorcist tells his story

The purpose of the book, however, is to keep the problem of the devil in the discussion. The idea that every astrologist, spiritual healer, aura reader and so on can cast a demon at you is not something I subscribe to. What is the your opinion of Satan after reading this book? I now seek to be closer to God. He mainly writes this book, because he believes that possessions d I grabbed this book out of curiosity.

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An Exorcist Tells His Story - Gabriele Amorth - Google Books

No other book today so thoroughly and concisely discusses the topic of exorcism. This might work immediately, or it might take years. After having received a degree in Jurisprudence he entered the Society of St.

He also makes the important point that, likewise, people with spiritual problems will not be helped by psychiatry. Oct 07, Annabelle Higgins rated it it was ok. This is perhaps the most devastating fact in this book.

The prayers at the end of the book were exorcixt best part. Amorth authored two books specifically on exorcism. I am in a period of long unemployment, which is apparently a symptom of potential demonic influence in my life. Obviously the book is written from a Catholic perspective since the author is a Catholic priest holding the office of Exorcist.

This book is very dated, homophobic, and repetitive. We know that hos. What It Means to Be a Christian. Published March 1st by Ignatius Press first published Amorth's book is powerful indeed; it serves as a reminder or warning?

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Books by Gabriele Amorth. A Refutation of Moral Relativism. We know today that this is just mental illness. May 01, S. The devil has been granted enlarged power in the world by the manner in which he is ignored and God is denied.

An exorcist in Rome, he claimed to have performed thousands of exorcisms, but this book is mostly laying out his theology.

Might as well avoid reading the Bible while yo My wife read this a couple years before I did and it sat on our Catholic Literature bookshelf for a time until I was ready. Many misconceptions or cleared up and the prayers of deliverance in the back of the book are worth the price of the book themselves.

Gabriele Amorth, writes that was his motivation for writing this book: We do not need to give the devil greater power than he already possesses.

Hitler and the Nazis, Stalin and This is the 2nd time I've read this book. An eye opener, and a little creepy if you are a believer.

Jun 22, Steve Wiggins rated it liked it.

By embracing the role of medical science rather than spiritualizing all health problems, I found it easy to take him seriously as a sort of practitioner in his own right. There are a lot of anecdotes about exorcisms in this book that will make one realize that evil can approach and attack you from anywhere, especially if you are far from God.

This book is NOT: Because of his many years of experience as the Exorcist of Rome, he has been able to study the issue of demonic influence in a very scientific manner. Through the utilization of case h It is a great exposition of exorcism as seen through the eyes of a Catholic Priest Exorcist. I found a pamphlet online that has these exact prayers Fr. I was expecting more war stories; the ones the author offers are intriguing, but I was surprised -- pleasantly so -- by two of his take-home points.

He hopes that bishops and other priests will again take seriously the difficult task of the exorcist and work to defeat the devil.

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