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I would recommend listening to all previous episodes from beginning to end - this way you understand about the characters, their history and of course all the in jokes for this final episode. This episode is an hour long; the first part sets up the scenario and, to be fair, it's a little long and sometimes confusing , but without it, the payoff in the second half would not occur! MJN is flying an orchestra to Poland. Somewhere on the frontier between thought and reality exists the Discworld, a parallel time and place which might sound and smell very much like our own, but which looks completely different Back in Fitton, Herc and Carolyn go out for lunch and an eventful dog-walk.

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The Complete Series 4 Cabin Pressure: I would recommend listening to all previous episodes from beginning to end - this way you understand about the characters, their history and of course all the in jokes for this final episode. preessure

The crew must spend the night on Gerti but are distracted by uncomplicated word games, which Arthur cannot understand, and a constant alarm requiring trips out into the snow. Yet another masterpiece but so sad that it's the final series.

Friend Request Laura Marshall. Arthur struggles with his stupidity, Douglas struggles with his impatience with Mr Sargent and Martin struggles with a health issue, so Carolyn is forced to work hard to keep her crew from losing their jobs.

Each episode is named after a different city often a destination for MJN in the episode each beginning with successive letters of the alphabet.

After an unsuccessful birthday treat for Douglas' daughter, Carolyn makes a bet with her pilots. In this Christmas special 'Molokai' - It's Christmas morning, but when Carolyn schedules an extra stop-off to the Hawaiian island of Molokai, Arthur has just seven minutes to celebrate Christmas.

Cabin Pressure: A-Z : The BBC Radio 4 Airline Sitcom

China Rich Girlfriend Kevin Kwan. The lemon is in play It seems as if cabin pressure has become part of the family. The Book Thief Markus Zusak. Written by and starring John Finnemore, this fifth series of the cabjn show returns with more witty wordplay and laugh-out-loud sketches.

Perfection Zurich is a masterclass in how to bring to an end a much loved series. Cabin Pressure is a radio sitcom written and created by John Finnemore and directed and produced by David Tyler. Captain Martin Crieff, who's always wanted to fly and won't let a little thing like lack of ability stop him, and First Officer Douglas Richardson, smooth-voiced old sky-god and eternal schemer. Ben Willbond as Mr Alyakhin. Good clean comedy for all ages.

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Cabin Pressure – cumberbatchweb

Martin discovers a slight problem with the planned destination, Arthur is reading a potentially problematic book and could this be the year that Carolyn steals pgessure whisky from Douglas?

Carolyn and Douglas also play a game of "the travelling lemon" which ends badly when Martin has a go. While Martin is the captain, Douglas is more auvio, and most people consider Douglas to be superior to him in almost every way. Scratch the surface and there's a classic British sitcom beneath".

Best series ever I was going to say radio comedy series, then dropped the radio. When meeting both men most guests mistakenly believe Douglas to be the captain rather than Martin. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Horace Cabi in this fourth collection of dramatic court cases. Terry Pratchett Narrated by: When he and Rumpole visit the disreputable scene of the crime, they meet Maurice Machin, the editor of the Daily Beaconwhose paper is being sued for libel. Most Helpful Most Recent.

Lots of references for fans who have followed for years and know the other episodes inside- out. These six self-contained duologues, each one aufio with humour and charm, come from the pen of John Finnemore, author prfssure star of the award-winning John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme.

Cabin Pressure

The company is so small, with Carolyn joking that pressuure than an airline MJN is more of an "airdot" than an "airline", that everything is run on a tight budget and they are willing to take on any job to keep the business going. A stubborn passenger refuses to extinguish his cigarette and makes Martin cry.

Nineteen Eighty-four George Orwell. Erskine-Brown is working on a sordid ABH and affray case which allegedly occurred in a Soho night club. These episodes feature a tiger with a gun, reveal the truth behind the war effort, visit some documentary-makers, has a big debate and then treats itself to a little trophy.

John Czbin Souvenir Programme:

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