Husna coke studio

People like you, along with people like Piyush Mishra, will make the world better, one day, one person, one thought at a time. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It looks like your cookies are disabled. The smoke referring here to the fire from wars is destroying this garden of flowers, its as if a new black color darkness is being created.

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This site uses cookies. Looks like something about the translation has clearly upset you, may I know what that is? One of my friend working in a malayalam daily said he wants to do a piece on the band and the message they conveyed, I feel it may add balm to the minds of people on both sides of LOCespecially when the border tensions are escalating.

Just one word to say- frolic.

I lie in your feet. Sing and be part of the Smule community! Its a gem of a songmausiki, lyrics every thing stands out. That you like the views expressed in the post, tells me that if I belong to the group, you do too. Thank you everyone for dropping by and taking the time to express your feelings about the song! All credits to Piyush Mishra jee.

I could not understand the complete meaning as the song contains typical words of hindi and urdu. COuld you translate one more song…. Thanks For Song n Nice Blog…!!!

Husna - Hitesh Sonik Feat Piyush Mishra, Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2

Kudos to the great effort, may the spirit never fade!! New Password Please choose a new password.

Hats off to you. We will send a password reset email to your email address. We have lost so much. The smoke referring here to the fire from wars is destroying this garden of flowers, its as if a new black color darkness is being created. Thank you for your input ParthV. Hey Shan I am not sure if ccoke will be of much help, but as far as I know, the song was first recorded in Coke Studio atleast that is where I first heard it and Piyush Mishra is husn lyrics writer and the singer.

Husna - Hitesh Sonik at Coke Studio @ MTV

And this comes through almost magically in his voice as it bellows out the inner chaos and depression. I do appreciate your feedback, but would have liked it better if you elaborated on your opinion a little bit more, and how about we start with your name? This poem left me teary eyed. While listening I actually feel like I m sleeping in her lap and lisning this frm stjdio. That definitely sounds like the right translation.


Watch the whole video and read up on the inspiration, the lyrics and the people behind this song! Your words mean a lot. Wo lost family, we lost love. Thank you for your kind words Gusna wish for peace too!

This is only as much as I know! I really wish one day India and Pakistan can be together again. Shannon Donald Backing Vocalist: Notify me of new posts via email.

Add genres as tags to help ckoe the songbook for others. Instructions to verify your account have been sent.

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