European health insurance card application form

Remember to keep all receipts and any paperwork make copies if necessary. This will give you the same cover as an EHIC until you return home. This will ensure the details of all members of the family remain linked. You will need to give the following information for each person you are making an application for:.

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If some of your details have changed since your card was issued but you don't have your PIN, you may not be able to renew your card online. The EHIC also covers the treatment of pre-existing medical conditions and routine maternity care, provided the reason for your visit is not specifically to give birth or seek treatment. You can ask your GP or hospital for advice, but make sure you are not booked with a private healthcare provider, as these are not covered by the EHIC.

If you need to replace a lost or stolen EHIC, you should call the enquiry line onMonday to Friday, 8am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 3pm. If you need it outside opening hours, you should call as soon as possible the next working day.

This means you may have to make a patient contribution to the cost of your care.

Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

Treatment should be provided on the same basis as it would to a resident of that country, either at a reduced cost or, in many cases, for free. The EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance. For example, in some countries, patients are expected to directly contribute a percentage towards the cost of their state-provided treatment. Back to Healthcare abroad. If you are under the age of 16, a parent or guardian will need to apply for you. You will need to give the following information for each person you are making an application for: For more detailed information, see the Moving abroad section or phone the EHIC enquiry line on It's a good idea to save this number on your phone.

It is a good reference number to have at hand, and makes it easier for the EHIC team to find your details on the system. What is and isn't covered by the EHIC? Call from the UK or 0 from abroad, Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Home Services Healthcare abroad Back europeah Healthcare abroad.

If you are travelling for the express purpose of obtaining medical treatment, read the section on seeking medical treatment in Applicatioh. The UK operates a residency-based healthcare system, which means that insurability is generally determined by residency and not by the past or present payment of National Insurance contributions or UK taxes.

Apply for a free EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) - NHS

If you or a family member are not an EEA or Swiss national, you will have to provide further evidence that you are eligible. If you receive treatment under this type of healthcare system, you are expected to pay the same co-payment charge as a patient from that country.

Check here for alerts. If you already have an EHIC, you must enter your own details first and apply for any additional cards when prompted. This is known as a patient co-payment.

Further details eeuropean be found in the 'Living in Europe' section below. You will need to give the following information for each person you are making an application for:.

It will not cover any private medical healthcare or costs, such as mountain rescue in ski resorts, being flown back to the UK, treatment on cruises or lost or stolen property.

Apply for a European Health Insurance Card

This applies to all EEA countries. It includes routine maternity care not only because of illness or an accidentas long as you're not going abroad to give birth.

My address has changed If none of your other details have changed or you previously informed the EHIC team of your change of address, you can renew your card online. Healthcare abroad Going abroad for treatment Moving abroad Healthcare when travelling abroad. Skip to main content. National Insurance number name address date of birth your NHS number if possible the e-mail address or fax number, for the specific department in the organisation that provides your treatment Can I claim a refund?

This is free of charge.

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