Cathy come home

Directed by a young Ken Loach, it was part of the Wednesday Play series and caused a sensation among an unsuspecting viewership. It was debated in parliament and Tory MPs William Shearman and Ian Macleod led a publicity campaign highlighting the plight of the homeless, which directly led to the charity Crisis being established in They move in with Reg's mother, until tensions develop between her and Cathy in the crowded flat. Reg leaves the area to seek employment.

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Cathy Come Home - Wikipedia

They move in with Reg's mother, until tensions develop between her and Cathy in the crowded flat. Homelessness Ken Loach comment. And the situation is getting ho,e. Alley, rents to them for a while, during which time Cathy has two more children.

Cone has lost everything. If anything, its reputation has grown in the years since it first appeared - in SeptemberCathy Come Home came in second place in the Britsh Film Institute 's TV poll of industry figures, behind Fawlty Towers.

There have been several instances of clients being sectioned.

Johnny Go Home Catby scenes were improvised, and some include unknowing members of the public, such as the final scene in which Cathy's children are taken from her at a railway station none of the passers-by intervened. The play tells the story of a young couple, Cathy played by Carol White and Reg Ray Brooksand their descent into poverty and homelessness.

Cathy Come Home has had a lasting impact on homelessness in the UK

David Archibald of Glasgow University added: Carol Dathy Ray Brooks. It blurred the lines between fiction and documentary. This article needs additional citations for verification.

The modern day version, called simply Cathy, is currently touring theatres, hostels and prisons. The plot follows a young couple, Cathy and Reg, as they fall into poverty and homelessness.

Retrieved from " https: Wednesday Play, The Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The camera style cathg Loach used made the drama appear like a documentary and shocked viewers were unsure if what they were watching was actually real.

It came to the attention of millions and there was no escaping it.

Cathy Come Home

Loach wanted his drama to be a continuation of the news and he certainly achieved that. Films directed by Ken Loach. While some critics remained uncomfortable about the blurring of the distinction between comf and documentary, there was little argument about the play's power. All Cathy wants is for her daughter to do better than her and she fights to keep her on the straight and narrow.

Encyclopaedia of Contemporary British Culture. Views Read Edit View history. Cathy's loneliness and frustration finally boil over and she becomes belligerent with the shelter authorities, who are often cold and judgmental towards the women living in the shelter.

They begin a slide into poverty, debt and homelessness, until the authorities forcibly take Cathy's children away. They go to a railway station, where Cathy's children are taken away from her by social services. Head of communications and policy at Shelter Scotland Adam Lang said: Twelve million people — a quarter of the British population at the time — tuned in and it left many of them shaken and demanding action.

The loss of income and birth of the baby force them to leave their flat, and they are unable to find another affordable place to live that permits children. This page was last edited on 3 Aprilat Retrieved 23 April Cathy soon becomes pregnant and must stop working, and Reg is injured on the job and becomes unemployed.

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