Bernina editor lite v5

The CD is in excellent condition. Thanks for asking the question, Ginny. Susan, I have not declared victory yet on using Windows 8, but it has gotten a bit easier.

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Sorry I can't help with this issue, but I can direct you to the Bernina board Roxann mentioned. LOL I was told by my dealer that the next version of software ecitor be released by Melco rather than Wilcom who develops the software now. How did you line it up so nicely when rehooping? The more complex your version, the further you can go in the lesson.

Bermina who can help would be so much appreciated.

Bernina Software V5

But it has been a while since I switched over to it. Yes, check with your dealer. But I understand my embroidery system much eeditor better now. Index Recent Topics Search.

editorr I just finish 2 courses with Joanne Winn at Quilt University. If you would like to post a reply, then please login if you already have an account or register if you don't.

After the "update" is completed the V6 dongle will no longer work. I have the EditorLite V5 software, but lost the dongle key. Three years later, I have started to unpack an embroidery machine and accessories.

I did hire a tech person to do that for me. I was using v5 just fine on Windows 7. I recently got a new computer with Windows 7 installed.

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It is very hard to describe and I am no teacher. The quilting was really flattering to the design. Besides which, like most of you, I have thousands of designs in my library, most of which I will probably never use, so I refuse to even THINK about trying to digitize! You can then work through the lessons at the same time side by side in your software. The designs in the middle were 4 hoopings of the same design.

Bernina Software

Have you called a repair man as he may be able to help at less cost? Now I installed V5 with Windows 7 and the software will only recognize designs in V5. I wanted to start embroidering on my handmade knitting and sewing once again.

Contact us Privacy policy Terms of use. Joyce, I have just contacted Bernina Australia with a request for a dongle for your model machine. I am thinking about upgrading. I do some other things for my business but nothing hooked up to internet.

I am contemplating getting the About Bernina Software Shop the extensive inventory of needlecrafts and yarn including machine embroidery digitizing software!

One was Digitized Quilting and the other Embroidery on Patchwork. Here's a key Ebay.

You might ask the dealer if Ed Lite is considered V4 or V5. Meaning, too bad you lose. Well, hopefully, my old computer and Windows XP have a lot more life in edutor so I won't have to worry about it for quite a while! Maybe ebay would have something like that.

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