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Worst Windows 10 version ever? TouchPad owners new to the webOS platform will likely want to keep up with the latest news about the OS. Many apps in HP's catalog—especially the games—are paid, and prices are similar to what you'll pay for similar iPad apps.

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Get two copies of ACL a week early. This is significant given the short life of the TouchPad, especially given there may be fewer apps optimized for Honeycomb tablets than this. Mighty Meeting appd a service that is making a name for itself in the business world as one of the best and most affordable solutions for mobile web conferencing among teams.

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Tweet Share Pin Email. A 50GB account at box. Over the following months many of the shortcomings were addressed, with the exception of one very significant issue — the selection of apps. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Get two copies of the ACL software 2 weeks before its official release, a Phoenix LED flashlight keychain, a special custom made thank you postcard and your name listed as a project supporter on our website.

Estimated delivery Jul Microsoft released the Windows 10 October Update on October 2, then pulled it toucchpad later. TWiT is the best online video network bar none, and this app makes keeping up with the great shows a breeze. There are some very good apps for the TouchPad, and with an estimated million owners it makes sense to take a fresh look at them.

We are in the business of developing and promoting the webOS platform, and if you are a webOS fan, we definitely have something great in the pipeline coming up for you! This Google Reader app is one of the most heavily used apps on my TouchPad.

The 20 Best Apps For The HP TouchPad

It's integrated closely with Bing Maps which powers toucjpad Maps app on the TouchPad to give you directions and apos listings, JustType for doing quick searches from anywhere on your device, and the ability to save contact information right on the spot.

Check out the FAQ. The controls have been adapted for the TouchPad and make it easy to control the vast collection of cars you can drive in the game, including police cars.

Even a dead device needs a good zombie game and this one is perfectly adapted for play on the TouchPad. Get a Limited Edition Phoenix T-shirt, a Phoenix Touchpad stand, a Phoenix LED flashlight keychain, a special custom made thank you postcard and your name listed as a project supporter on our website. Estimated delivery Sep To round out the package you will also get an extra copy of ACL for your other Touchpad, the Phoenix LED flashlight, a Limited Edition Phoenix T-shirt, a letter of unimaginable appreciation for supporting us and making this project possible, and your name goes down in our hall of fame as project supporter on out website.

This is the type of app you never know when you'll need it, either, so just go ahead and grab it now while it's on your mind. Funding period Apr 28, - May 23, 25 days. Learn more about accountability. After that, it's just two clicks to buy apps—quick and seamless.

There's a reason we've mentioned this app several times in our other articles around this website. Video acknowledgment of your support, announcement of your support shouted loud and proud on our campaign page and sent to all backers and people following us and the campaign, thanks for your support in all upcoming articles, press releases, interviews we do, acknowledgment of your support in all the rewards we send out to our backers, and the thanks and gratitude of the entire webOS community!

We already have a proof of concept alpha version working on actual Touchpads, and have set an aggressive development schedule to take it through the beta process and make it available for consumers to purchase and download to their Touchpads by July It's the first app that's been made available for two entirely different social network worlds, Twitter and Identica, but Spaz HD doesn't let up on that slack when it comes to being a great webOS application.

A webOS smartwatch from LG would prove just how right we were! HP is shutting down webOS cloud services — including backups, device set-up, and the App Catalog — on 15 January The Touchpad is perfect for watching video, and this app is a great way to do that. Seeing as how it's free as well, it shouldn't be too hard to decide whether or not you'll be getting this one.

Using the app on the HP TouchPad will allow you to host a conference with presentation slides, a live chat room and even conference phone calls that touch;ad, no matter what communication device they have handy, can connect to. Furthermore, our plans include conducting a fairly extensive beta test aimed at uncovering hidden bugs and ensuring that maximum compatibility and performance is achieved.

appd I find it can be overwhelming for the hundreds of RSS feeds I follow, but those with fewer to keep track of will like it just fine.

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