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A while ago I considered making a CVD gadget for blogs. Will be extreme inneficient. No personal attacks against other members. I am still working on developing a method to import pgn to mysql in the joomla interface. Hi Nikolai, Thanks so much for this excellent software.

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Chess Viewer Deluxe [Chess Web Publishing]

Now, Knowing this trick I will give a try. Oct 3,3: I can see that your problem is solved now, so I guess you figured it on your own. The advantage is that the need for a second call to the server deluuxe eliminated.

Since only plain-text clipboard data has ever been accessible from a Web page content all our spreadsheets and other proprietary formats are pretty safe and not likely to be stolen by a malicious script reading the clipboard. See something that violates our rules?

You are not logged in to chessgames. For mobile devices they use a third party solution. It gets more complicated because APPLET tag was deprecated a while ago but browsers keep supporting it which makes things trickier with newer versions of Java. Specifically, right clicking on the board to copy the FEN to the clipboard doesn't work.

Meaningful error handling also affects the rest of the game and improves the overall quality. This software was originally inspired by the well-known chess viewer MyChessViewer by Michael Keating.

I hope your school appreciates it the way we do. Later check for unique solution, duplicates out, etc etc.

computer_chess:wiki:lists:pgn_reader_viewer_writer_list - Computer Chess Wiki

The bottom line is that even if our solution is correct, the original one will be intact and we can explore it later. What's the name of your school? Finally they where checked again for "same solution". Ignacio, I just noticed a small glitch in the documentation that might be relevant to you.

The learning curve is steep. Chwss you tried others? Hi Carlos, I agree that the mouse can get very annoying at times. The text below is the error I get.

Wow, your DB of puzzles is going to be one of the best. Hi Nikolai, I need help.

I hope this information will be helpful to all of you. Btw, I done a search and I do have this problem in the "mate in 2" with number order in this way: If you are in habit of placing sensitive information in the clipboard you might be in danger. vkewer

Chess Viewer Deluxe 3.5 test page

If the server reports that there has been no modification than no action is performed at all. The moment I celuxe that the Web is getting a new face I started wondering if chess publishing will ever become more attractive.

Your suggestions and comments will be much appreciated. The standard defines a set of seven tags Seven Tag Roster which are required to have values and cannot be omitted. Anonymous November 18, at 6: It looks great and its functionality is perfect.

For example, the following page on my website: Gary Jan 27,4: Java applets and javascriots are not allowed in Googlesites; for that, you have to put the aplets in an embed gadget.

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