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Learn more about subscriptions and pricing or subscribe to Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro now. Information about features and procedures for Selling Manager also applies to Selling Manager Pro unless otherwise stated. My eBay Is free as part of your selling account. Launch Set your end dates, then finalize and launch your offer.

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Getting started on eBay. High-volume sellers can upload and manage their inventory in bulk using eBay File Exchange or our Merchant Integration Platform. Automatically leave positive Feedback for buyerseither when they've paid or when they've paid and left positive Feedback for you. Setting automation preferences for Selling Manager Pro Let Selling Manager Pro do the work for you by automating email, Feedback, listing, relisting, and other common tasks. Ask eBay members Get help from other eBay members.

Selling Manager Pro Free trial for first-time subscribers sselling the first 30 days. If you change your mind and subscribe again within 30 days, you'll still be able to access your information. Learn more about how to use Selling Manager Pro on our help page.

Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro: Getting started

Showcase relevant items When you group related items together, buyers spend more time shopping your items, increasing the likelihood of a purchase. Selling Manager If you use Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab to manage your eBay business, the features of Selling Manager are already included. Review the upload status and results. To qualify for this offer, you must subscribe to Selling Manager Pro on the same eBay country site where you opened your eBay Store.

Seller Tools

Selling Manager Pro subscribers: If you're a first time subscriber, you can try out Selling Manager Pro with a day free trial. Subscribe to Selling Manager. CSV format Sleling format Instructions. Includes ability to view and download reports about your sales activities. Search the Help pages Does not search for items or products.

Launch Set your end dates, then finalize and launch your offer. Use Promotions Manager to highlight relevant merchandise and convert the extra traffic we send you to more customers.

What's in your Selling Manager views. Ebayy, you can try Selling Manager Pro free for the first 30 days.

Selling Manager Pro provides all the features of Selling Manager, but adds inventory and automation features. In addition to these views, you'll find other views that are specific to Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro. How can I combine multiple purchases from a buyer into a single order?

Make sure selling upload the. Learn more about subscriptions and pricing or subscribe to Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro now. To unsubscribe, go to My eBay and click the Account tab. Getting started on eBay. On the next page, click the Yes button to confirm that you're canceling your subsciption.

eBay Seller Tools

View What you can do Summary Get an overview of your listing activity and sales. In addition, you have views for Inventory, Reporting, and Automation Preferences. Contact mmanager Have a question?

To get the most from Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro, visit the Seller Center - opens in new window or tab for more information. Stand out from the crowd Using Promotions Manager helps your items stand out in search results, increasing visits to your promotion page and exposing more of your inventory. Getting started on eBay.

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