Billie holiday remixed and reimagined

Holiday's mother was also a young teenager at the time, and whether because of inexperience or neglect, often left her daughter with uncaring relatives. Rapping And I'm chill like that. The recordings returned her to the small-group intimacy of her Columbia work, and reunited her with Ben Webster as well as other top-flight musicians such as Oscar Peterson, Harry "Sweets" Edison, and Charlie Shavers.

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That's a good question.

Billie Holiday Remixed And Reimagined Records, LPs, Vinyl and CDs - MusicStack

Tenor Lester Young, bbillie briefly known Billie several years earlier, and trumpeter Buck Clayton were to become especially attached to Holiday. You know, I was digging in the crates and I would find, like, a rare Lonnie Liston Smith track from a Digable Planets - I guess you could say - interpretation or an extension of that.

Well, in this original tune, we were just given the two-track mix. Spreadin' Rhythm Around Lady Bug vs.

Various Artists: Columbia - Billie Holiday: Remixed & Reimagined | Music Review | Tiny Mix Tapes

Speak Low Bent Remix. Now, in this cut you're looping Billie's voice.

NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc. Well, I hope that, you know, of course, there's that different branches of jazz and, you know, the original jazz keeps doing its thing and running its path.

Plagued by various celebrity hawks from all portions of the underworld jazz, drugs, rekmagined publishing, etc. The three did much of their best recorded work together during the late '30s, and Holiday herself bestowed the nickname Pres on Young, while he dubbed her Lady Day for her elegance. Singing You're so desirable.

The great combo playing and Holiday's increasingly assured vocals made them quite popular on Columbia, Brunswick and Vocalion. And that's our program for today. With her spirit shining through on every recording, Holiday's technical expertise also excelled in comparison to the great majority of her contemporaries.

All of Me Charles Feelgood Remix.

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Billie Holiday

Do you see yourself as reinterpreting it for the new hholiday Strange Fruit The Speek. Ladybug Mecca, what drew you to Billie Holiday's music? The drug charge made it impossible for her to get a cabaret card, so nightclub performances were out of the question. And a lot of times, you're on own and it's straight up.

One of the reasons I chose this tune was I travel a lot as well, you know, just out on tour. Her father, Clarence Holiday, was a teenaged jazz guitarist and banjo player later to play in Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra. How do you see yourself in this?

And yet nowadays, sometimes people are very reverential about jazz. DuringHoliday toured Europe to great acclaim, and her autobiography brought her even more fame or notoriety.

Billie Holiday: 'Remixed and Reimagined'

Any thoughts about what it's like for you today as a female artist, compared ahd what it was like for these jazz greats during the heyday? Listeners Also Played See All. You know, it's definitely a infused jazz, but yeah.

He never married her mother, Sadie Fagan, and left while his daughter was still a baby. Well, I would say the emotion in her voice. Whatever the true story, she first gained some publicity in earlywhen record producer John Hammond -- only three years older than Holiday abd, and just at the beginning of a legendary career -- wrote her up in a column for Melody Maker and brought Benny Goodman to one of her performances.

I think what Ladybug said how Digable Planets was just like an extension of the jazz and a reinterpretation.

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