200 pound beauty

She also had her own dreams and ambitions to be a solo singer, and more so, was just tired of all the jeering superficial "beautiful" people directed at her. While most of us understand they are an impossible ideal for most people, and that models and pop singers don't represent a large part of the world population Episode 4 by lovepark.

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Which is what it is, but I didn't dig deeper. Well, I enjoyed reading these comments. Jenny Ha-na and Amy.

I was gonna reply pretty much what she said. NN Nov 23 I am familiar with waving and gesticulating madly at television screens. Hate that drama soo muchhhh because I grew up knowing that I have the same ability as a man to succeed in life. Where's the enjoyment in watching a movie that you can't ponder over when it's done? The music was nice and the characters were too, but at the end I wouldn't say I liked the movie.

They need to be teaching girls to have a sense of self respect, confidence and to love themselves. And when she's already beautiful, she still liked to hook up with the jerk producer.

Hanna also confesses her love for him that made her to do such a thing. That aside, it's based after a Japanese manga. Pitty that the plot didn't exploit Hanna's character.

Point-counterpoint: Pursuing beauty in Pound Beauty » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I actually wished it pissed me off enough to get me all worked up and angry so Pounc can violently disagree with it but it was one of the those movies whose storyline is overall well trodden and meant to cater to the masses and was just eh for me.

After many poound with Jenny, they both realize that Jenny is actually Hanna. Just my 2 cents Sarah I recall you mentioning a sequel.

But it didn't point out that plastic surgery is bad. Zathuros Jun 03 7: I could watch this over and over and it also has a really good meaning behind it!!

My problem was that I couldn't cheer for the romance. I just relate everything to BOF lol.

See, if Hanna 200 Ah Joong had done surgery, extreme and unrealistic may it have been, for herself or because she felt discriminated against and humiliated or cos she wanted to sing, then I may have frowned, but I would have understood. Poune couldn't get through My Sassy Girl the first time around, but loved it during the second and third watch. Some people are more impressionable then others, so what do we do?

Personally, pohnd life, my body, my decision. While most of us understand they are an impossible ideal for most people, and that models and pop singers don't represent a large part of the world population This was during our senior year of high school, I was not then into Korean movies and didn't realize that they were quite different from American movies.

In contrast, after watching this movie, I admired Hanna's sacrifice physically in the immense pain associated with multiple surgeries, as well as emotionally in the need to disappear from her past life and completely reestablish herself for the man she loved. Drama Recaps Fox Bride Star: All he has to say is 'I'm sorry, I love you', and she forgives him beauth everything? I would definitely agree with SERE.

200 Pounds Beauty

If they do not, then they have bigger issues to deal with. I saw nothing but a shameless promotion of plastic surgery. She couldn't make him, and she was also under so much pressure from other people who kept on making fun of her. And if they are too bwauty to understand, then slowly teach them to make good decisions. Saying that Beautu are ugly and you can't accept them because they were ugly before the surgery makes you a hypocrite.

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