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In April , the launch of ExtJS. But then I went to the company's licensing page and things got murky really fast. Results 1 to 10 of Ext JS 5 supports modern and legacy browsers including:

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With the release of Ext JS 5. This version was promoted as providing an interface and features more similar to those traditionally associated with desktop applications. But then I went to the company's licensing page and things got murky really fast. It was backwards compatible with version 2.

And like the early Ext JS community, the React JS community is live, vibrant and very much involved with evangelizing and improving the framework. exgjs

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However, with the monetization of the framework extjx arguably necessary license changes that would forever fragment the community and its licensing changes that continue to plague the community to this date. It can be used as a simple component framework to e.

Gonzalez, Armando; Villa, Crysfel There are two types of dependencies in ExtJS. Sign in Get started. For the application I was working on, I needed a robust data Estjs component and searched endlessly trying other tools like MochiKit, dojo, Flex and so many other libraries.

The introduction of MVVM was not required by Sencha but strongly suggested as a best practice and many developers including myself adopted the strategy. The following quote really summarizes the net negative effect of this change on the community and its full blog post can be found here.

ExtJS 5 Release and Opensource download

Overridden class gets merged with new declaration. The release of the Grid component for YUI-ext would forever change the trajectory of the library and the community as the GridPanel would become the core UI component for many applications to come.

In April the open source license associated with Ext was changed. Overriding built-in classes might be useful to e. Sencha responded with a rapid campaign of bug fixes and updates.

So it is not as easy to migrate exjts one toolkit to the other as it is for themes. Most developers who were using 4.

The rise and fall of Ext JS

Discussion Sencha Touch 1. Retrieved 6 January Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

On that same page, it says: ExtJS 5 Release and Opensource download. Phylogenesis you are right. Many developers jumped onto the NG bandwagon and never looked back. The capability to work with multiple base libraries was removed in the 4. In response to the licensing change, one upset developer wrote the following in his blog. Unlikethere were tens of thousands of JavaScript frameworks and libraries for developers to choose from in and many Sencha community members focused their efforts in helping build communities around Angular JS, Kendo UI, Ionic and others.

Ext JS comes in two flavours called modern and classic toolkit. In the past I have used ExtJS 4 for several aource. I agree to receive Sencha marketing communications via email and phone calls.

ExtJS: When open source is not open at all

These actions would also change the Sencha xource. The negative sentiment was so bad in the community that Jack Slocum began to receive personal attacks, which prompted his first public response on his blog. To use this license, you must follow the terms of the GPL v3; see highlights below.

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