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Actually I just opened the file on another computer and its works fine. How can I get these files to open? Please enter a title. As was mentioned, just get your associate to export as an interchange file and this will open in cs3 just fine..

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This content has been marked as final. Thought that would be a no brainer for Adobe. You are right Buko, guess it was illustrator versions I was thinking of.

How can I get these files to open? I am using CS3 5.

The plug in Conditional Text and WorldReady are not available alone? It or the rough equivalent was called ME enabler. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. InDesignPlugin when cpnditional clients files. InDesign has all the adobe updates to the 5. Tried indeslgnplugin same on a mac here at work and it wouldnt open.

Seems like another "Adobe gotcha" to me. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Click Don't Fix to correct the conditilnal yourself using the Links panel" 3 missing links 0- Modified links. So, what you are saying is that there is no way around this other then upgrading to CS4?

Click Fix Links automatically to have InDesign update this document with the modified files and help you locate missing files.

I am having the same problem as Zulbat above. Go to original post. Please type your message and try again.

The other is "This document contains links ot missing or modified files. Screenshots would be fine. Thanks for your attempt to help. Time to raise a little hell with them I guess.

Please enter a title. The first one is "Missing fonts, The document "3" uses one or more fonts which are not currently available on your system. Is it me or is it them?

Guess I'm flogging a dead horse, time to succumb to the push technology of Adobe and upgrade, sigh.

Conditional text plugin - Mac Indesign

Aks the one you got the file from to save as INX, and hope that he didn't use any of the spanky new CS4 features such as conditional text. You don't have JavaScript enabled.

No, they're not available for CS3 separately. Actually I just opened the file on another computer and its works fine. Wow, Adobe Software use to give you a message that the file you were opening is a newer version. Same plug ins missing. Seems like I just spent a big wad of cash on CS3 18 months ago.

Unknown Plugins prevent opening files | Adobe Community

The only difference is that we have DARWIN installed on the 2 computers that wont open it and the one that did open it doesnt. Perhaps I need to post a feature request for a simple dialog when opening up a higher version file.

Are these old or missing plugins?

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