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The online lag is so bad, I can't even play it, sometimes when I shoot someone with a shotgun, 7 times, nothing happens. Of course, you'll undoubtedly see them every now and then. Oh man, i enjoyed it, i even bought some NX. I was there for the first three major hacker wars.

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They made every weapon available to rent through the in game currency GP which last around days and took away the power to purchase the weapons permanent with GP. Fa think that after years and years of this game making money off of every player that it could find a way or afford to get an anti-cheat aspect for the game.

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Why not just spend the money that you spend on pay to win guns for a bad game on a actually good game like CS: Its really a shame because, like I said, the game itself is not bad. Some of the gametypes introduce thoroughly frustrating situations, such as the horde mode Fireteam, where in the zombie maps you probably shouldn't bother showing up without the biggest backpack you can afford and at least three MGs, if not going in for a specialist, medkits, and a minigun.

I do like the guns they used in the game and purchased some airsoft replicas from airsplat: Solvusoft is recognized by Microsoft as a leading Independent Software Vendor, achieving the highest level of hacj and excellence in software development.

Custom story focused on driving. This game is a sack of P2W, hacker filled garbage!

Snipers are choked having a long delay before they shoot, all the weapons are extremely inaccurate even more than ever cause of the wild nerf.

Another HUGE problem, you pay money, you win. Oh, hacl of the minigun and spec weapons, the piss-poor netcode and optimization results in more than one person haack the minigun per map to cause lag, and anyone using the flamethrower will drag the game to a crawl. IF you choose to waste your hard earned money on this, you will most ek start using alot like i did. I've been saving this for last though: In conclusion, Combat Arms is a masterpiece at being won of the worst games to ever grace my PC.

The most infamous cat fish on that game and will scammed you.

Basically everytime I spawned I had to create an account just to review this game. When Back got back into the game, it had change dramatically. I started out as a noob who didn't know one end of a gun from the other, and now I'm leading a very strong clan in the game.

The graphics aren't important that much in a game, but honestly, it looks like the game was made in Sometimes, its also fun to try and kill hackers, then if you succeed, laugh and stick your goolies in his face.

Since the merge which happened because CA NA was laughably deadthe number of features on the website has tanked significantly and the already-subpar customer service only further declined.

CA NA/EU Aimbot, Telekill, Wallhack, and many more functions.

My rating of a 2 is only because of some sentimentality I have for the game after having played it for years before I starting buying better games off Steam like CS: Perhaps the biggest source of dissatisfaction comes from Nexon themselves.

At first you'll like it, then you get kicked randomly … Expand. Combat Arms hwck buggy and laggy. That is why i rate this as a 5 it's fun and you can meet nice people to hang, or caa talk, but their are haters of course that you can just ignore.

I have a lot of great things to say about this game, but I'll keep it short: I then renamed Cheat test. And it gets annoying bx every game you get into, there's a hacker. As an aside, I consider buying gear with cash in a game to be like a tip.

CA NA/EU Aimbot, Telekill, Wallhack, and many more functions.

I have tried getting back into it after i got banned, but never This, this game is something. This system is the model example of Pay 2 Win. The game offered a large variety of weapons to choose from. Combat Arms Cheat Engine.

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