Brain games for seniors

Shake a tray of letter-imprinted dice and let them settle into a 4x4 grid. A great added extra to enhance the benefits of reading, is to ask the older person to retell the tale in a succinct way once they have finished the book. Board Games Board games challenge seniors to use a variety of strategies and often involve a bit of chance.

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Bingo is a fun and easy activity that can be played in large or small groups.

For those people who are not fond of math brain games, crossword puzzles are an alternative. Does that help me? For older adults who brani still active, dancing can be a healthy activity that also challenges the brain thanks to having to learn new steps and routines.

Not only does this increases the social aspect of the activity, it also ensures that memory skills are developed. By John Parks Research has shown that seniors who were cognitively active were 2.

Trivia is a fantastic way of stimulating the minds of older people seniord also having a bit of a laugh. Gamex Jose Frutuoso Magano. Make seniore puzzles a social activity by working with family or friends to fit the pieces together. Sudoku is free to play at Sudoku. Winners could even be given prizes. Here are some games to try: It also applies to the brain.

Word games include games where seniors find hidden words, fill in missing words, build words and use descriptions or definitions to identify words. Quirkle is a newer board game that flexes the brain to match colors and shapes while also using math and strategy to achieve the highest scores. Care Home or Home Care: In contrast to more solitary games like Sudoku gakes Solitaire, Mahjong is also a great way to socialize, as you can play the table game version with multiple players.

Trivia games encourage seniors to recall information from history, including names, dates, people and places. Many of the apps are free and easy to use.

Brain Games for Seniors:

You can buy jigsaw puzzles at thrift stores for very little money. Braim card matching game is a great activity to increase memory skills in all ages. Perfect for my 94 year old mom living in Assisted Living to keep her brain healthy. A must have for when the power goes out or television just isn't cutting it. Studies found sleep apnea tied to higher levels of tell-tale plaques, proteins in brain. Exciting topics include musicals, current affairs and history.

Guaranteed fun for all involved.

Keep Your Brain Buzzing with these Free Brain Games for Seniors

But researchers are still evaluating whether that skill can transfer to other tasks, like remembering a name, date, or where you left your keys. It took me a while to finish them - pretty darned challenging!

For many, jigsaw puzzles may be the first brain training game that we play. During the holidays, I scanned several pages and printed enough copies so that everyone could play.

Working on puzzles can also help to lower our rate of breathing and reduce our heart rate and blood pressure. As we get older, we tend to establish familiar patterns in our lives. A couple of great options include: Another benefit of puzzles is that they can help older people relax, by reducing blood pressure and slowing breathing rate. They then race against each other to form sets of connecting and intersecting words.

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