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Lots of mentions on other forums about the site not being available in the recent past. The image colors and stuff look good. The details are good in everything I was looking at. Any news on HTS availability? Noise levels seemed too clean, until I realized stuff was shot at ISO 50 and , so things should be decent.

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Hasselblad X1D Aspect Ratio: Lots of mentions on other hassdlblad about the site not being available in the recent past. Hasselblad Raw Files available. Hasselblad Raw Files available Thanks for the heads up. Tags for this Thread downloadhasselbladimagesphocusshot.

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Medium Format Systems and Digital Backs. These systems are hugely expensive, so make the right choice for your own needs full frame vs medium format. I only went over things quickly this first pass, but nothing jumped either way. Was a server issue and is being restored.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Magnified Live View Operation Page 8: Download Phocus as well: London Eye was 10 seconds and the primary reason was to compare noise levels against 35mm. I like what little I have seen so far. Article continues for subscribers August Trip to Eastern Sierra Page With resolution of X Aperture series from wide open through stopped down, showing the full range of lens performance and bokeh.

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domknig.me: Hasselblad X1D File Sizes (domknig.me excerpt)

Was actually surprised how Phocus works. X1D Buttons and Controls Page Raq down doesn't do the Brand any good. Originally Posted by PeterA.

In-depth lens evaluations covering behaviors not likely to be found anywhere else, based on real-world field shooting. X1D Operational Issues Page How to configure menus and buttons and best operating practicesgotchas and how-to. Make sharper images just by understanding lens and camera behaviors.

Toggling the Lens Correction on and off shows some rather significant changes for the HCD 28, which has an odd center distortion fisheye looking. It is nice to see real RAW files, and to test things on real software, versus some other things folks have played with and posted.

Hasselbllad Medium Format is by yearly subscription.

The distortion correction also looks very good to me but again I'd love to hear comments from the experts. Fil shown, the files take Real world examples with insights found nowhere else.

Well Hasselblad have provided some sample RAW images for you guys to look at, plus they have changed their terms at long hasselnlad so that you can download the software Phocus without having to own a back, you do have to register for the download but again need not be an owner.

The details are good in everything I was looking at. Toggle the lens corrections on and off on all imagesyou'll see hassselblad most difference with the 28mm distortion correction.

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