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Choose the General set. This is because Encore has set this menu as the default element shown when you first start playing the disc. This narrows down our selection of assets to choose from.

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Warning If you like walking on the wild side, try dragging a clip on top of an existing button.

Adobe Encore DVD: In the Studio by Doug Dixon

When you let go, Encore creates a button for the clip, with a respective thumbnail image and text below it, as shown in Figure Creating the Main Menu. To do so, use the floating toolbox in the top left of the Encore window, which contains tools for editing the elements in your menus.

See Figure for an example. Alternatively, you can click the New Menu button under the list of files, as shown in Figure Explore the additional graphics images available in the Library palette. This layer set includes specially named layers for the highlight graphics to be displayed when the menj is both deselected and selected by the cursor, as well as when the user actually activates i.

Drag a video clip onto the Menu Editor window to create a link. If you decide to add more than one menu to your project say, for example, you created a sncore blue grid submenueach menu is organized as a tab in the Menu Editor window.

How to Create DVD menus with Adobe Encore CS4 or CS5 « Software Tips :: WonderHowTo

Adobe Encore Basics 8: A menu is a full-size, layered Photoshop PSD file with at least one button and one background. Backgrounds are larger graphics that encompass the background of an entire menu. Adobe Encore Basics 4: Add some more clips.

Feel free to explore the different asset types in each set. Some of the menu and button options in the Library palette are prefixed with a small, yellow meenu over the bottom right corner of the icon.

Adobe Encore Basics 9: They are PSD files that consist of only a background layer, and are the target resolution of the television standard the project is building toward.

Select a couple more clips AVI files in the Project tab and drag them together onto the menu. Images are typically flat image files, and employ one of several common graphics file formats e.

Adobe Encore Basics 5: Adobe Encore Basics 7: The Character palette, shown in Figureprovides extensive typographic control over type attributes, alignment, and anti-aliasing. If you like walking on the wild side, try dragging a clip on top of an existing button.

Creating the Main Menu - Adobe Encore DVD: In the Studio [Book]

Layer sets often are used to combine text items, shapes, and images into a convenient grouping e. In this exercise, you will stop at two and clean up the menu a little before burning it.

The Library palette, in the second palette window, is a convenient storage place for graphical menus, buttons, images, and other elements that you can share among all your projects.

Of course, a menu background is not very interesting by itself; it looks lonely and needs something to link to, such as the video clips that we imported earlier.

Select the Set As Default menu or button option on the pop-up menu. For this exercise, you do not need Menk Premiere Pro running. These items are the default menu and button graphics that ejcore be used if you create such an asset in the Menu Editor. You can build a menu from scratch in Encore.

The Menu Editor window is shown in Figure Change the appearance of the title. By default, all the buttons are pressed. A button is an item that can be selected on a DVD menu.

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