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One of the most prevalent motifs of the series is the humanity of the Diclonius, especially contrasted against the inhumanity of ordinary people. While searching for Lucy, Kohta and Yuka develop a fondness for each other as displayed through a kiss. However, when Kurama appears with some soldiers to try and capture Lucy, Aiko pushes her out of the way and takes a bullet to the chest that was meant for Lucy's head.

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Later, university student Kouta and his female cousin Yuka are walking along the Yuigahama beach near Kamakura, when they find a naked young woman with horns on her head. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison.

Media Arts Database in Japanese. Kite Kite Liberator However, when she discovers Kohta's cousin Yukawho he claimed to be a boy, is actually a girl, she loses hope and begins her future murderous path. In other words, it's a twisted mixture of liwd battles, Psychic Powerssplit personalities, pseudo-harem antics, cute girls, the male lead who discovers that the person whom he interacted during that person's childhood is evil, and of course, bucketloads of Gorn - and it's more than happy to swing between comedy and horror at the drop of a hat.

A episode anime television series adaptation was produced by the studio Arms and broadcast on AT-X from July to October Not be confused with Okamoto's one-shot Elfenlied often written as Elfen Liedwhich has nothing to do with this series.

Translations of the original German titles are given. One such Diclonius, Lucyis the main character of the series: Great Guardians Queen's Blade: List of Elfen Lied characters. Yuka discovers that Mayu is homeless and invites her to stay with them. Kurama, who supposedly "had to leave", has joined Bando to kill Lucy on his own beyond the knowledge of Shirakawa and the staff.

The opening and ending sequences feature artistic drawings of the principal characters.

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Road to Addicted to Curry Skyhigh. The twelve adaptations will be compressed into four separate 3-in-1 omnibuses, the first which to be released in May The series' title is German for "Elves' Song" or more formally "song of the elves'" and takes its name from the poem "Elfenlied", which is featured twice in the story. However, Lucy's ultimate fate is unknown except that her other horn is broken, although it is possible that she is still alive or possibly dead as the shots of the figyt continue, even after her horn is broken.

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For series that deal with a superpowered species, compare and contrast Claymore and Hellsing. Themes such as genocide and the attempts to "purify" the earth from each other also appear in the anime. Retrieved July 4, Throughout the series, there is a great deal of blood and gore, graphic violence as well as psychological violence.

Caught between monsters, both human and not, where does his loyalty lie? When Kohta goes to check, the music box playing "Lilium" stops and he sees a figure standing at the front door who might elden Lucy.

The production team were originally surprised by Okamoto's choice of Kamakura as a setting for the series; however, after several visits to the area, Kanbe commented that the setting in Kamakura was, according to the production team, ideal for the poignant and reflective drama in the series to unfold, as its general tranquility and geography made for a reflective and yet eerie, deep-meaning backdrop to the series.

Initially held elffen a facility built fignt experimentation, located off the coast of Kamakura, she manages to escape and wreak havoc, but is injured in the process, an event which causes her to develop a secondary, childlike personality known as Nyu.

Retrieved May 30, A key point of debate throughout the series is the Diclonius propensity towards violence. Bando escapes from the hospital, still trying to find Liwd to satisfy his grudge against her.

Retrieved February 23, There is only one Diclonius that is actually capable of reproducing: Meanwhile, as both Lucy and Nana are now part of Kohta's household, the facility decides to send "the most powerful" diclonius, known only as "No.

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