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Find More Posts by t1n5l3y. The order can be changed by drag-and-drop. If not, then you could copy over any desktop and Start Menu shortcuts and user files from the old account into the new account to have and use in the new account instead.

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Find More Posts by ebic. This change creates more space to show both the time and date. After the name of the shortcut has been changed, move the shortcut to the Start menu by drag-and-drop.

If not, what is it that you need that pinning can't do?

With PowerStrip you can make changes to the settings of your graphics hardware and monitor. Dale, did you check whether the Links? Taskbar Trouble This tutorial was very helpful in exploring the toolbar option in Windows 7. Now here is another native solution.

Desktop Toolbar on Taskbar - Add or Remove - Windows 7 Help Forums

The number of themes available is limited, alternative themes are stored in the by default hidden folder Windoss Unfortunately there is no support for multiple monitors: Use one of the widescreen resolutions in case of a widescreen monitor see the technical specifications in the manual.

The solution I finally found was on accident.

Optimal system settings while keeping the most important visual effects are achieved after disabling all options with the option Adjust winndows best performanceas shown below with windos exception of Enable desktop composition, Enable transparent glass if desiredShow thumbnails instead of icons shows the small imagesSmooth edges of screen fonts also known as ClearTypeUse drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop transparency of the desktop icon labels and Use visual styles on windows and buttons.

Here is a screenshot of my Quick Launch, although not grouped as you wanted and as in the link above: Such a toolbar is linked to a folder, therefore a folder must be created first like D: Jan Desktopp 3, 5 26 Any idea of how to correct this?

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The Windows Backup and Restore Guide. When the Taskbar is unlocked, there is no check mark next to the option. After disabling this option, the order can be changed by dragging and dropping the shortcuts.

If these messages waiting for confirmation are not visible by the user, it is not clear why there is nothing happening. Hello Ebic, and welcome to Seven Forums. In most cases however, there is no need for this support in which case it is better hide the Language bar by the Control Panel, Regional and Languagetab Keyboards and Languagesbutton Change keyboardstab Language Bar.

I'm very pleased with the results, but wish there had been a more practical way of fixing the problem. Find More Posts by t1n5l3y. The Quick Launch menu of previous versions is no longer used; the shortcuts to frequently used programs are placed directly on the taskbar and changes in a button when the program is activated.

I appreciate the feedback, Ashok.

Fortunately it is possible to create a stretched background image where the different images are placed next to each other with image editing software yourself. As soon toolbae a program is opened the program icon is added as a button to the taskbar when multiple windows of the same program are opened, the buttons are stacked. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter.

Windows 7 Start menu, Taskbar and Desktop

The option Get more gadgets online toolbbar right show more interesting gadgets. Even more so when there are folders within the toolbar. If you want one or more of those items to be permanently listed, just right click and choose "Pin to this list.

In case the Start menu is to small to show all programs, the size of the shortcut icons can be adjusted in size by disabling the option Use large icons. The monitor is the most important hardware for the interaction between the user and the computer, a good reason to optimize the monitor resolution and other toklbar settings. I use the small icons because I'm on an Acer netbook and it frees up some of that tooblar screen space.

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