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Administrators in large organizations do not have the resources to set up user subscriptions to policy folders. Exchange's clustering active-active or active-passive mode has been criticized because of its requirement for servers in the cluster nodes to share the same data. The Synchronization operations provide a one-way, synchronized cached copy of a user's folders and items.

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Hitchens also stirred controversy with his support of the Iraq War and his sympathy for neoconservative ideas, and in one debate we feature Hitchens argues his political stance. Rabbi Wolpe argues that religious belief leads to more basic goodness for the individual and for society as a whole as believers are more charitable and do more good works than non-believers. Hitchens was known as a polemicist and contrarian and his skills in rhetoric made for very engaging debates which he participated in. This debate is available on MP3 audio download and streaming video from bloggingheads.