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Games featured in this article Chrono Trigger News Features. Credit where credit is due: I called it a perfect example of how not to re-release a classic game. I did end up playing it on DS and finished it some time ago. Originally posted by Apoc:.

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Chrono Trigger

I have started on the DS version and enjoying it so far. Last edited by Turbo Nozomix ; Aug 12 9: I called it a perfect example of how not to re-release a classic game. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. You're not done yet, Square Enix. We recommend By Zergnet. Via this section players can now repeat view the animated story scenes that were added to the PS1 release of the game and feature in this version — and one patch also improved the resolution of these movie files.

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It took Square too long to get here, but at least the publisher did in the end. Showing 1 - 13 of 13 comments. As one user succinctly put it and this was their entire review: This is honestly a really shocking development, not least because Square Enix has left the also hideous mobile versions of Final Fantasy 5 and 6 on Steam untouched for years.

Wonky controls, a fiddly UI and a strange pixel smoothing filter had fans incensed, prompting Square Enix to release a series of major patches to set it right.

The nasty filtered sprites and mismatched background chrobo were dealt with early on, as pictured above. I think the DS does not have the anime cutscenes But they are few and you can find them online anyway. Square Enix took the criticism to heart and over the course of a string of hefty patches have slowly turned this chrlno something that actually could be argued as the best version of Chrono Trigger. No doubt about it. I did end up playing it on DS and finished it some time ago.

The best changes are to the UI and menus, all of which have been ripped inside out with the developers clearly working hard to find a way to restore menus that are more reminiscent of those from the controller-based SNES original while perhaps keeping one or two quality-of-life changes more suited to a modern release of the game.

Start a New Discussion. The fifth and final one arrived yesterday, and—judging by Steam reviews—the game is finally where it should've been in the first chrpno.

The patch lets you rebind keyboard keys and some gamepad buttons, and adds new mouse functionality, such as the ability to cancel an action with a right click, or move characters by dragging your mouse. The font, which had been changed to a fairly generic one, has been restored to something more evocative of the Super NES original.

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Playing the original SNES version is also highly recommended. Originally posted by SerafieAD:. Apoc View Profile View Posts. Steam reviews are still "mixed" overallbut those from the last 30 days are "very positive". With the improvements over the initial release, which version should I pick for my first playthrough; Nintendo DS or Steam?

The full list of changes is here. Credit where credit is due: I already have the DS version. The title of definitive version will surely be heartily debated by hardcore fans in the future, with the defining points of the argument now left to more subjective matters such as the merits of the less accurate but charming SNES-era translation versus the modern one, or the appropriateness of the PS1-era animated cutscenes.

Those debates are acceptable. Lost triggre after a power failure.

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