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Dem'yanov The modeling method of discrete cracks in reinforced concrete under the torsion with bending The most famous of computer systems for the design of reinforced concrete structures in the world are taken into account only regular dispersed cracks. A Question of Ethics. Lisyatnikov Wooden beams with reinforcement along a curvilinear trajectory The article is devoted to the investigation of a new type of reinforcement of wooden beams for floors and coatings with using steel cable reinforcement located in a solid wood along a curved S-shaped trajectory. More History and Heritage.

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Intensity dynamics of samples heating and their charring process in thickness and along the perimeter were chosen as the key indicators.

Vol 3, No 1: Login to read the digital edition of the Civil Engineering Magazine. Fedorova Method for calculating strongly damped systems divil non-proportional damping Ciivl calculation of systems under seismic excitations is performed both dynamically by time integration and quasistatically under inertial seismic loads using linear response-spectra method RSM.

Iron Will Moves a Highway Oct - Vol 2, No 1: Unfortunately, in the cramped and cluttered workspace, it is not uncommon for other employees to leave file boxes, small equipment, and other materials on the floor--making it difficult for the employee to navigate his wheelchair through the office space.

The task is to obtain an analytical dependence of the truss deflection and forces in the most tension and compressed bars on the number of panels. Temple Chimuanya Odimegwu, I.

The basic principles of a new type of reinforcement are set up.

History Lesson Unanticipated Benefits: More History and Heritage. Muqdad Abdallah Kahribt, Jasim M.

Kenzhehan Heating and charring of timber constructions with thin-layer fire protection The results of fire tests of constructions beams with fire retardant film coating in one-side fire effect under standard temperature fire regime are shown in this article. Civil Engineering Magazine Awards. But that's just what happened in Virginia, Minnesota.

Civil Engineering Journal

Zavodnova Reliability assessment of the construction schedule by the critical chain method Implementation of the construction projects is associated with significant current material, technical and financial costs. Akhremenko Evolutionary optimization of prestressed steel frames A egnineering for the optimal synthesis of prestressed steel frame structures is developed. This month in Civil Engineering Features: Mohammad Sadegh Barkhordari, Mohsen Tehranizadeh. Kargin Energy intensity of parts made from polyurethane elastomers Laboratory testing with determination of strength and energy characteristics of materials for elastic elements of shock absorbers helped to establish that polyurethane elastomers, having the highest values of specific energy consumption and a wide range of alternating dissipation and rigidity characteristics civli the best materials.

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Vol 3, No 5: Others dreamed of steel as they planned to link the isolated metropolis to the coasts via the transcontinental railroad. Dynamic timing calculation can be performed either using direct integration of the initial system of motion equations, or by using the spectral decomposition of motion equations by shape modes.

Vol 4, No 5: J aims to offer you the fastest possible speed of publication. The search for a solution is being carried out by applying discrete sets of variable parameters, including cross-sections of structural rods and cross-sections of prestressing tie-rods.

Elham Mehrinejad Khotbehsara, Hossein Safari. The employee uses a wheelchair, and he asks his new coworkers' assistance in ensuring that aisles and hallways within the office are kept clear of obstructions.

Zaharova Protection of construction materials based on acrylates from biodeterioration The article is dedicated to the funginertness of different construction materials based on acrylates: Zubkova Structurization processes of cement composites modified with electrolytic additives There has been research on the impact of AlCl3 and FeCl3 solutions on kinetics of cement hardening.

You will find Civil Engineering Journal archive here. They increase significantly in case of the breaking deadlines the large stages of projects and putting buildings into operation. Mobile Application Read Civil Engineering magazine on your smart device: The task of increasing the thermal insulation properties of enclosing structures is most relevant for the erection of new buildings or structures, as well as for the repair of existing.

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