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Microsoft Windows Cloud OnLive. A remade version of the game was released, titled Alien Shooter: To keep our review sections clean and helpful, we will remove any reviews that break these guidelines or our terms of use. The game starts with the player arriving at the on-site M. While clearing still more aliens from the base, the player is able to download data that reveals that M.

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Based on that decision, this action game delivers two very different endings. Do you recommend it?

If the player used any cheats during the game, they are labeled as such in the board. Mature Violence, Blood, Language.

Remove Move to wishlist Wishlisted Owned. A stand-alone add-on was released intitled Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded which featured the addition of few new levels, simplified role-playing system and a several minor changes.

What do you think gamez Alien Shooter 2?

Alien Shooter: Vengeance - Wikipedia

For example, to use more lethal weapons, players must meet the weapon's minimum skill requirement in its respective skill in order to use it. The Elder Scrolls Online: Customise your character and enjoy the ultimate alien-slaughtering experience!

It then becomes one of the character's stats and can be upgraded as such during the game. After defeating the leader, the player discovers that Kate is dead by the time the player reaches her. Windows XP or Vista1. Welcome to Alien Shooter 2 ordering page!

Alien Shooter 2

Later, he is gxmes by the General to assist Officer Donaldson and his squad in the protection of a secret bunker.

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Players can visit these stations to purchase weapons, implants which act to increase a player's stats but are not permanent and can be removedarmor, ammunition and miscellaneous items, such as flashlights or medkits, with money found in the levels or zlien from completing objectives.

Apart from the similarities in the plot and gameplay, Alien Shooter 2 brings a lot of new stuff to the table. Retrieved from " https: Please be advised that Windows 10 shootre system will receive frequent hardware driver and software updates following its release; this may affect game compatibility.

Vice City Do you want to be the boss of Vice City? Download and installation help. Each of these characters has different hit points and weapons specializations — can you complete the game with each character?

After meeting with the local commander, General Baker, the player goes on his first mission: Why buy on GOG. Much like the first game, the Alien Shooter 2 has a top-down view, giving gamers a very nice viewing angle of the surrounding environment and elements, taking you right into the action. On his way to save Kate, the player engages the aliens, leading to a final battle in which the player kills the alien leader. The player also discovers that the M. In library In cart Soon Wishlisted.

Alien Shooter 2 — The plot The game is set in a post apocalyptic and futuristic world of where aliens and human mercenaries are fighting to take control of the Earth.

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded

Views Read Edit View history. Players can earn experience points for killing enemies and completing objectives.

The world was soon rebuilt and a new age of prosperity and technological progress began. After the player finds bits of Baker strewn throughout a M.

Some items and weapons require certain status levels to use it. The story is a spin-off to original game, telling the story of a new recruit of the M.

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