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I can tell you from personal experience there are a great deal of people that cannot handle ANYTHING technically related and do way more harm than good when they try to "fix" problems on their own. Im not saying these things didnt happen where those people worked, Im just saying the picture I have of BB and GS isnt anything so ridiculous as the prior quotes. Robert L Smith said:.

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I always try to keep in mind protecting the reputation of geek squad overall is most important.

In fact it's probably better February 10, 2: I mean lets feek it all it would take is one persons pic or video to escape out on the internet and if they could trace it back to BB somehow they would be in for a huge lawsuit. Submit a new text post. I agree with everybody here. Because he is getting his software online and downloading his versions.

Best Buy's Geek Squad Adds Acronis True Image, Acronis Disk Director Suite, To Its Repair Toolbox

About Acronis Acronis is a world leader in providing advanced, scalable storage management and disaster recovery software that helps enterprises safeguard their information and assures the availability, security, integrity and recoverability of their infrastructure.

BB got sued a couple time teek that. I think technically that's ok. At least that's what was said when there was a "cracked" variant of an old version floating around the internet. I need to move where you are As others have said, there are a lot of squax tools you can use. This is one of the two reasons the MRI disk was very much needed.

Cut a little bit off the disk and send it back to Geeksquad demanding large amounts of cash, and that zquad continue to send them back little chunks of the disk unless they give in to your demands.

SOP might be different now, I haven't read up on this in awhile, even before I left. Essentially it's a tool that makes removing spyware and other issues with Windows a breeze. In summary, tread lightly and return the disk swiftly.

Want to add to the discussion? I've found the manual PDF for the disk, and it's simple but useful. I think as long as it didn't come from some sort of best buy property to get the program, you're fine.

Well good intention is usually the reason agents bring tools tooks it takes one careless agent to lose them and fall into the hands of a client or competitor.

Granted, most people at Geek Squad aren't trained, but who needs to be to to use this software? PC-Doctor is the name of the company for diagnostic software. In order to figure out what is not squwd geek squad. This topic is now closed.

MRI tooos something in it that phones home and reports from whence it's being run. Diagnostic tools, standalone virus removal tools, cleaners, scripts, fully automated diagnostic, virus removal, and optimization tool.

You still have to know what youre doing with a computer to really utilize the MRI. It also has some homemade stuff used exclusively for Geek Squad, using this would be illegal and will get you terminated. I used to work for BB back before they bought out GS and then for a couple years after.

I am aware of YUMI. I am trying very hard to avoid using MRI.

Geek Squad - MRI BDE (Gone)

At any rate the know-nothings would usually handle all of the simple stuff like running diags and malware removals using tols MRI and anything they couldnt fix was left to the one or two guys that actually knew what they were doing. For additional information, please visit www. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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