Earthquake resistant building construction ppt

Here is my email id- dhruv gmail. Please send me a soft copy. The mid-level isolation acts as dampers and decreases the swaying of the structure.

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The necessary remedial measures that aid in reducing the losses occurred to the earthquake are as follows: I want to soft copy this ppt It is very usful for me So kindly send soft copy of this ppt on rkarma gmail. The major elements of the reinforced concrete structure are as follows: If you want to ask me anything about blogging then feel free to ask: Initially, the crust bends and stress go beyond the rocks strength then they divide with violence or violently damage the part and during the process of dividing, the oscillations are produced and they are called as seismic waves.

Your email address will not be published. Remedial Measures to Reduce the Losses due to the Earthquakes: I builring like to have a soft copy of this ppt as such it will be very useful for my upcoming house construction project. The mid-level isolation acts as dampers and decreases the swaying of the structure.

Request to please forward the soft copy of this presentation on my mail ID: The seismic waves come out of the earthquake source and move in parallel to the surface of the earth, the speed of the waves change as they travel xonstruction the speed construtcion dependent on the material that they travel. Generally Interarch pre-engineered steel buildings are much lighter than reinforced concrete buildings thereby reducing the Earthquake effect on the buildings in the same ratio.

Learn how your comment data is processed. The reinforced hollow concrete blocks are made as the walls of load bearing for loads of gravity and also as the walls of shear for loads of seismic to furnish safety from the earthquakes.


Posted by Sujay Raghavendra N at The necessary treatment should be done in connection with the area where they are present and the earthquakes and losses occurred due to the earthquake made the people work on the problems and bring their solutions.

The foundation supports the RC structure and the RC frame is nothing but the Construcction columns with the joining beams, it takes part in the opposing the forces of the earthquake.

My email id is- abhijitchakraborty gmail. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. At present, the reinforced concrete structures are very common in India.

In few cases the earthquake is fierce to the surface of the earth which delivers the energy in the crust of the earth, coming to buildin released energy then it is a quick and unexpected displacement of the parts of the crust due to the eruption of volcano or even it may be an explosion made by the human kind.

Here is my email id- dhruv gmail.

The seismic waves are responsible for the calamities on the surface of the earth, the structures or buildings built on the earth cannot be proved as totally earthquake proof structures and the only way that we can protect the structures is constfuction enhancing the earthquake resistant of the buildings.

Effect of an Earthquake on the Reinforced Concrete Structures: Hello sir, Kumar Here. Sir please send me the soft copy on my gmail I am passionate about blogging. This is very good ppt. Earthquake affecting the building will also be reduced.

Earthquake Resistant Building Construction Seminar pdf Report and ppt

Well, everyone knows about the earthquake and an earthquake is an oscillation or the quivering. Sir, pLz send me a copy of this ppt to my mail. The objective of earthquake resistant construction is to protect the structure during vibration from collapsing and the major feature to ensure in such a construction is the ductility. The real forces that can be produced in a building during the earthquake will be very large and to build the structures with the resistant features to all these forces makes it very costly.

Sir, may u send the soft copy of this presentation to my email The basic isolation systems are of three types and they are as follows: Sir your presentation is very much useful plz send me a soft copy of this presentation on my mail is as below Email:

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