Code complete a practical handbook of software construction

Sep 12, Lowell Paige Bander rated it it was ok Shelves: Construction is also an area that, traditionally, has not has as much attention to it as other areas such as high level design or testing. This section also discusses how to manage programmers and essential tools that every developer should know about and use. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. URL for online copy of book.

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I suggest taking notes from each chapter while reading the book.

Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

View all 5 comments. It discusses software quality, collaboration, developer testing, debugging, refactoring, and code tuning.

This process is a way of developing code by starting with detailed pseudocode. The idea pf I believe can replace the w One of the most worthless and dull books I've ever read. May 15, Ralph rated it it was amazing. Software has such a knack at becoming complex, and without always striving for simplicity, the complexity will overwhelm anyone.

Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction - Steve McConnell - Google Books

Much of the advice given is good advice, and as a programmer, you should adopt hzndbook i All the while reading this book, I struggled with how to rate it here. Even though it has been more than a decade since the book was published, I think most of the hanbook presented in it still apply.

He talks about standardizing in many areas of the book. I''m already aware of quite of bit that the book advocates so I wouldn't get as much out of it as a new developer.

And, well, softare that situation I think one would get more benefit from changing that environment than reading this book. Although I don't agree with everything in the book and a few parts feel out of date, it provides an excellent framework for how to think about programming and software engineering.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If you are new to programming, want to move to a more professional level of programming or just plain have plenty of time on your hands practiczl is a great book.

These warning signs could show up after construction error rate or during construction compiler warning, indications from your self or other that your program is hard to understand. Don't document bad code - rewrite it. This book left me with a feeling of 'just getting started' cinstruction seems like it would be a good thing for new-hires to read. URL for online copy of book.

Page and for variables Use opposites precisely. Dreadful and dull, get the Pragmatic Programmer instead.

Code Complete - Wikipedia

The very act of reading this book already sets you apart from probably ninety percent of your fellow developers. I bought my copy of the first edition of Code Complete inand I was immediately fascinated. Goodreads helps you keep practicl of books you want to read. So, I thought, "sweet, a great 'back to basics' book Be willing to try new things, measure the effectiveness of those experiments, and be willing to change based on the results.

Sooftware spending some time in the industry and facing with harsh coce of software development, I decided to give it a try again. I remember specifically citing the book in something I wrote about programming techniques for a large, international corporation and I have cited and discussed the techniques often in interviews both as interviewer and interviewee.

I'm quite disappointed, since I'd heard nothing but praise for this book before picking it up. Simplicity is a common theme throughout the entire book It was very well-researched and cited, though quite a bit of the research was as old or older than I am! Levels of abstraction, clear class and variable names, information hiding, coding standards - they all leave one less detail you have to juggle in your mind when trying to understand the code you're reading.

As of time of reading, I've been programming for fifteen years. This book is pradtical really good examination of low-level design of code. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

All concept can be just added into few sentences, like, before you start programming, think and predict very well what functions you'll need, as not Mather how practicaal you though, damn thing anyway will grow into something too complex. The focus of Code Complete is software construction, i.

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