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A couple of the disc have minor scratches. The decision to make a change and get off their couch is hard enough, so they pay for a well packaged easy to follow system that takes all the guess work out. Get A Free Beachbody Account 2. Yes the coaches are kind of a joke and yes their supps are prob overpriced and lower quality.

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Basically I work with other 30 something guys who do sales and everyone seemed to have gotten a bootleg copy that they were going to start.

Flexibility to use the same program layout but make your own workouts. I believe learning is not just dictating back what you were programmed to repeat.

See Pictures for more on Item condition. I was and still am not a freak of nature and I didn't get ripped.

Avoid the beachbody/ p90x/ insanity scam - Forums

We were able to smooth over the rough patches at first, but as our love grew or my love for P90Xit got harder and harder. I've used the product for two cycles and I did get in dam good shape. Everything has a price. Case has some damage. More than p90s of U.

P90X DVD Set | eBay

Great sense of community on the message boards. If you purchase p90x and follow the program, you WILL get the results that you desire!

You can also train consistently for 90 days with proper diet for 90 days. People can choose Beachbody, Bodybuilding.

Tony Horton Introduces New P90X iPhone App

I tried a gym once and hated the many follow up calls begging me to join. Im a happier and healthier person because of the programs and my determination. Convince you to buy shakes and bars?

So you only did 15 days of a 90 day program? A scam would be selling something that doesn't work. The latter is free and yield greater result.

Bbuy edited by sni2pal; at It is a building process on top of a foundation, which you do not get from their program. If you can get past the BS I think this would be useful for anyone. It isn't succesful because it's some well conceived scam, it's so popular because it actually works pretty well for what most people are trying to get out of it.

P90X DVD Set

The First 3 Discs have a few scratches and the remaining 9 are unused and in Excellent condition. Starting strength is more effective at gaining or retaining muscle than a superset workout and dieting is more efficient than working out every day.

What you can't do is build on great muscle. p9x

Onilne personal experience was that it was just too hard on the body with not enough rest. People on their message board have no idea about bodybuilding principals. This coach has your info. Yep however that coach? Diet and cardio would do the same thing. Closed Thread Page 1 of 5 1 2 Good luck to everyone! First and last name Always buy through a reputable Beachbody coach, or the infomercial.

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