1 shot 2 shot

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Phil sawyer - The final emotion. Gun shots Damn, somebody hit me from the back Wit' they car? Eminem Fans Also Like: Wit' a gat nigga, and my tire's flat An I just hit a pole Them niggas some hoe's Is you hit? Oh my God, it was!

Although the song has a lot of discrepancies from the stories of others, we know it's about this incident because: The shooter's coming Bitches hollering, niggas running People, shot all over the floor And I'm trying to make it to the Saint Andrew's door Hey man Em Calls Paul Skit []. ID; Peace B No. Security's gone, I'm trapped in the club And I'm tryin'a run and get my muthafuckin' gun Nigga, what about your shlt Additional Vocals Fatt Father.

Eminem - 1 Shot 2 Shot Lyrics

Eminem] One shot, two shot, three shots, four shots All I hear is gunshots, this is ehot the fun stops Bodies drop, hit the floor, music's off, party stops Everybody hit the door, somebody's licking shots off [Verse 5: The intruders formed a circle around two staff members and began beating them into oblivion. These niggas is trippin' Where's Bizzare at?

What are you doin'? I been ahot call you all day muthafucker, where you at? Eminem - Good Guy ft.

Eminem - One Shot 2 Shot Lyrics Meaning

Securities Gone, I'm ahot in the club And im tryna run and get my mutha fuckin gun nigga what about your wife Nigga fuck my wife Im tryna run, and save my mutha fuckin life Oh shit, the shooters comin Bitches hollerin niggas runnin People shot all over shoh floor And im tryna make it to the Saint Andrews door Gun shot Thats the sound of the glock Even Dj? Fajna nawet ta piosenka: Views Read Edit View history. Phil sawyer - Electric children.

Jet black summer - Bloody fingers. Inne teksty piosenek Eminem 1. Nigga fuck my wife I'm trying to run and save my motherfucking life Oh, shit! I'm tryin'a slip thru the exit and get to where my car is at Bitches screamin' everywhere and niggas is wild Two minutes ago, we was all jokin' and smilin' This chick is clingin' on to me sobbin' and sighin' Says she didn't mean to diss me earlier and she cryin' But its real and its on, and cats is gettin' killed So I hugged her and used her body as a human shield And she got shoot now she's yellin' snot leave me!

All lyrics provided for educational purposes only.

I never saw him run so fast in my life Look at him hauling ass, I think he left his wife There she is, on the ground, being trampled I go to grab her up by the damn hand, but I can't pull her God damn, there just went another damn bullet I'm hit, my vest is barely able to handle it It's too thin, if I get hit again I can't do it I scoop Dee, follow Bizarre's path, ran through it and Made it to the front door and collapsed On the steps looked up and I seen Swift Shooting shto out but I can't see who he's shooting it out with But Denaun's right behind him, squeezing his four-fifth [Hook: One shot, two shot, three shots, four shots All I hear is gun shoot this is where the fun stops Bodies drop, hit the floor; music's off, party stops Everybody hit the door, somebody's lickin' shots off Swift with Kon Artis: Additional Production Luis Resto.

It was released digitally on February 20, and physically on February 21, by S. Login Register Login with Facebook.

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Eminem - Stepping Stone. The song is loosely based on a true event that happened at St. Andrew's, so it's pretty clear the altercation is what they're rapping about, although they exaggerate the events in "One Shot, 2 Shot" http: You must enable javascript to view this page.

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