Anand sahib kirtan

In Sikh Dharma, everything is forgivable, but when you say something, you must live by it, because you are a disciple of the Shabad Guru. Your word should be like gold. Neither is it in too much power. There are ten trillion cells in the body. The Shabad 3 was the Guru of Naanak.

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So prana comes in. Befriend your own soul. Your existence, which is being nurtured by the part-energy of God, must be evaluated at the highest and purest level. So clear was the consciousness; ananc clear was the life and so clear was the domain of the Khalsa that whatever they said, they lived by it.

It will never be as good as gold if you do not understand Infinity and let Infinity come out of aahib. One who is a part of Infinity and cannot relate to Infinity cannot have that bliss.

Like us on Facebook. You will not have to find anything else. A lot of people think that if they do A, B, C and Z they will be in bliss.

The mind needs positive affirmations. Whenever you create an imbalance in your life, for any reason, there shall be unhappiness, because without balance there is no harmony and without harmony, there is no happiness.

It tells you in poverty you should have the grace of a oirtan. It tells you in adversity you should have bliss.

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The pure energy, the life energy, what we call God comes in. Without Infinity, you cannot relate to Infinity. The enemy believed his words. How good a house we have? We'll send you a weekly email with our latest news and articles. The prana comes in. The most graceful thing about a Sikh was when we were before an enemy.

A person has to take action to see his or her own soul within his or her own self. And you do not relate to the Infinity. Why do we want the Guru? We who follow the word of the Shabad will honor what we do, and we who are the Sikhs shall honor our being, sayib existence and our Inner Self, so that the world around us can sahjb understand who we are.

Anand Sahib Kirtan by Mandip Kaur ੴ | Free Listening on SoundCloud

God is confined and unconfined. Your enemy is your own mind. If your soul is not kirran friend, what do other friendships mean? Everything you want to work for or relate to is a good idea. We put our head down. This is one gesture we do so that things may not go to our head in a wrong way. You must understand something. If you get caught in the undertow, your head goes down, your legs go up, all your muscles go off balance.

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Can you be trusted? You see the wave coming in.

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