Back to the 80s script

Stevie has problems with erasing the image of Sheena's prior modelling from his mind. The comments we had were- "The best yet". Corey is next up to pitch his campaign, but with his only idea stolen, he bombs his presentation.

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Not only did the students have an excellent time, but so did the all the teachers and audience members. She is an all-singing, all-dancing party girl who seems to be happy to be taken along with the group of girls, and burst into song whenever the opportunity arises. The boys continue placing letters in her locker.

Back to the 80s Script - Free Download PDF

He has the romantic attention of all the girls, but particularly Tiffany Houston who Corey just happens to be in love with. In another part of the school, Mr.

Your musical was such a success, people are still even now obsessively talking about it. Just as they are about to kiss, Laura and Debbie run in, alerting Mr. The kind of person that every 17 year old wants to be particularly if they are not popular, good-looking or athletic!! Estimate the approximate cost of your licensing fees by providing a few details about your production.

Back to the 80's

Join the class of as they experience the fun and heartbreak of growing up in a totally awesome decade. However, while they may not be the coolest guys in school, they are still one up on Feargal McFerrin, III, whose best friend is his computer and who believes the crazy notion that one day, CDs will replace cassette tapes. Huey tells his friends that he found the magazine in his dad's cupboard, and it's from the s.

Back to Black Piano Tab. It is there that Mr. Back to the 80's Costume Rental.

Thanks again for the show, truly awesome script. Mel and Kim are new to the school, but they have been friends with Cyndi for a long time, so they are automatically accepted into her group.

He falls asleep, and dreams of a world in which he is a Luke Skywalker character, and Tiffany is his Princess Leia. The audiences loved it and got dressed up for the occasion, and then joined in with some of the songs…the whole thing rocked from Wake Me Up Before You Go-go to the finale.

She is around 30, and is the Senior Students Co-ordinator. They are all getting cars, but Kim tells the girls that Michael's car is nothing to be seen. When Billy is around Michael and his group, they all assume coolness. It was later re-orchestrated and arranged by Brett Foster injust prior to the Australian Production. Many thanks for providing us with a fantastic show.

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With Feargal, this is a definite possibility! The reaction from the audience was tremendous with many claiming it was the best musical that scripr school has put on. Back to school printable set for teacher gifts and tags. Most of the photographs are c Grant Leslie, www.

Just had to drop you a quick message. Before the prom, Mr.

As with every other female, she would love to have a fling scri;t Michael Feldman, but she settles from time to time for Billy Arnold, or Lionel Astley, or Huey Jackson - or anyone else from the football team who is around. She thought that she had found her place, but now she knows that everyone has been laughing at her behind the back.

I think everybody related to it as the 80's can be cherished by those in their tp now as well as the young ones.

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