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Once your payment completes, you will be sent an email with a link to download the material, as well as a private code and password for downloading the sims directly into SimsUshare on your device. I though about trying the expanded version. Reinstatement will not be allowed — there is no appeal process. I've tried reaching them, but have only been able to make contact with them once.

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Simulation Training: Decision-Making Aid

Hey, sorry I haven't been on in a couple of weeks. The free version does work for us, but I had to have help before I could make it work. Wanted to use it Monday night for drill but just remembered it was on the old laptop If you have experience, this is where I need help: It's a wonderful program and I've heard that many depts simultor used it without issues, but I'm getting an error and can't figure out how to correct it.

Brian has been a student of the fire service since The initial size up is one of the most important facets of emergency response and sets the direction for all future actions. Effective immediately, the following moderation process will take effect.

If you have a need to advertise on Firehouse. Be mature and responsible for yourself and your posts. Reinstatement will not be allowed — there is no appeal process. Posts must be on-topic, non-disruptive and relevant to the firefighting community.

Post only in a mature and responsible way that contributes to the discussion at hand. All reported posts will be addressed and dealt with as deemed appropriate by Firehouse.


I use this software a lot for table top training, got a new Laptop to replace my dimulator one which suffered a sudden death. About the Author Brian P. Some people may have 30 years experience; others may have had only one experience, repeatedly, for 30 years.

Anybody have the file downloaded that they could send me? I've only been able to speak with someone one time and that was before we purchased the expanded version.

Simulator 6 Size-up is too big a subject to consider each aspect of it in detail during a single training course.

WOW, no surprise there.

Post in the correct forum and have clear titles for your threads. I keep getting an error message.

A day suspension will be issued if the user is found to be a habitual rule breaker. It needs to be broken down into manageable parts…. We have assessments coming up in a couple of weeks, so we'll use the free version at that time.

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Brian was the recipient of the F. Subsequent accounts created in an effort to side-step the rules and moderation process are subject to automatic removal without notice. I though about trying the expanded version. Post Fire Instructor of the Year. Any assistance with this would be very much appreciated! Please ensure your posts are tasteful and tactful. I left pleading VM's and sent pleading EM's, but no response, so I requested a credit on my card and it was posted earlier this week.

Still had a copy of the program but I didn't write down the activation key.

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