Hand of god i-doser

I simply went to his house. I'm to freaked out about using hand of god And all sorts of movement.

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Hand of God, a song by I-doser on Spotify

Altho alot of it is very hard to descibe, I would recommend using this only after trying a few. It scared me, so I stopped it. Last ten seconds my arms from being warm they became cold in like two seconds.

It is very hard yod describe it. In the end though Anyways, later into the dose, I could hear a mans deep voice coming from the other room, but didn't understand what it said. I've tried it twice, nothing exceptionally interesting happens, although every time I start hearing i-xoser talking or yelling. I got similar, very intense feelings too. Log me on automatically each visit. My joints were locked I swear. Did anyone had similar experience with HoG? After it was over I went to have lunch.

I Felt at peace, like I was in a fod nothing could hurt me. Our products are used by millions of people worldwide. After few minutes I started to feel some waves beneath my bed.

Also, as the pitch got higher, I felt like, euphoria or something, it was odd, but I've read that it happened to other people. Like here was things there but I could not pick the thoughs out, they all jumbbled together.

Hand of God

I'm to freaked out about using hand of god Most times my mind was compleatly clear, but at one point my mind raced. In some moments I felt like I was on giant skateboard and going down the hill.

The only other really noticeable thing was that my bed felt like it was shaking. Hand Of God Share dose experiences. I also had some really sweet after effects. View unanswered posts View active topics. And there are actually no physical or i-doseer side effects at all- despite the left-over propaganda rumours from the hippie-hunting days.

I wasn't really scared of anything particular, just scared. I just chilled for awhile, but then I heard someone saying 'I'm sorry. I felt as if Then my bed started to swing left and right, forward and backwards. We originated the concept of digital dosing and have refined the experience. I was lying in my bed, all lights off, blinds closed, fan on high, covered in blankets. Same left and right movement and all I had tried Gox a while ago and nothing happened, but I recently heard of HoG and decided to try it As I started to listen my arms started to get warm, even hot my room was really cold.

Overall, mildly creepy, I might try it again after trying the beginner doses some more. I'm going to have my friend test it out for me before I try

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