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Vice City Do you want to be the boss of Vice City? Vice City Do you want to be the boss of Vice City? Vice City is not officially supported on Linux, but will run properly on Wine. The radio stations like K-chat have some of the most hilarious interviews you will ever find in a video game. There is a really good story behind it all.

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For example, you could buy a safehouse in Downtown Vice City with a helicopter. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Full Version Program by: Vice City was a commercial product when released and it is still sold today, though it is cheaper than its original MSRP on most platforms.

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Grand Theft Auto has always had interesting characters throughout the game. Adult Written by Pharsalia April 9, While the game has a story mode and main missions, it also gives you a chance to enjoy strolls through sunny Vice City and take on other activities and secondary missionssuch as being a taxi cihy or fireman, firing ranges, stunts, and even running your own businesses in the city. My 9 gwme old is being pressured by his school buddies to buy this game.

He knows the difference between right and wrong: Vice City is the sequel to the legendary GTA 3. About the Author Mary Freeman is a freelance writer. Vice City is known for quite a few eccentric characters from a shady, neurotic lawyer to a sociopathic Dominican drug dealer to the don of the Liberty City mafia, you will rub shoulders with the worst of Vice City's criminal underworld as the story line continues.

While in an appropriate vehicle, you may start these gae at any time. This is almost on par with Conker's Bad Fur Day. More loved it its an interesting game am playing it from my small age its quite interesting.

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Download and installation help. Sex is a big part of why i didn't want to get this game for my kids, but it turns out that like drugs sexual content can be completely avoided. Installation of the game should prove to be a quick and simple process. Though the swearing isn't as bad as other gta games, there's still a lot! Vice City does a phenomenal job of making the game feel progressive. To give you an idea about the total immersion approach the company takes, they have included more than 10 different radio stations, and they have an 11th radio station called Tape Deck included for the Xbox.

It goes downhill from there. The game also never even mentions prostitutes-- my son didn't even know there are prostitutes in Vice City.

Throughout the game you can pick up prostitutes. Any parent saying over 14 is completely wrong. I've beaten this game and the previous GTA without going on rampages.

Parent reviews for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Adult Written by harshafriend4all July 20, You could even decapitated people with a sword or blow their heads off with a shotgun, and blood will be gushing all over. He hasn't shown any signs of trying to copy any of the actions he sees on screen. Don't leave without your download! If your computer does not meet the system requirements for Grand Theft Auto: Adult Written by Scoops April 9, Locate the game's executable file in the start menu, on the desktop or within the folder where you chose to install it.

Avoid committing crimes or fighting police for time to lose wanted star s. Parent of a 12 and 14 year old Written by themom March 3, No thanks Submit review. Most likely, Rockstar Games even based this sports team off of the Miami Dolphins.

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