Degrassi junior high

Sealed with a Kiss - Duration: A total of 42 episodes in three seasons. After much arguing they decided on The Zit Remedy and thus a musical legend was born. Sets the tone for Wheels as a character moving forward. Trust Me - Duration:

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You need to login to do this. But the position is traditionally held by a seventh grader and the entire seventh grade class starts a move to impeach her. Clair school's Theo's friend about "Aunt Flo" - Duration: Thus proving to the world at large that Arthur is a life ruining idiot.

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Meanwhile, a pregnant Spike asks Wheels how it feels to be highh. Is this any surprise? They then hit their second snag as the band slept over at Snakes house.

Again this is according to Screech. The unexpected happens when Joey and Wheels spend the night at Snake's and Spike is told she must higgh the semester at home. Not that I have anything against a woman with some extra meat.

Degrassi Junior High: What does the class look like now after 27 years?

Meanwhile, Caitlin begins to have nightmares about Claude's suicide. Before some of you say, wait a minute, have you lost your junio mind?! Add to Want to watch this again later? Like any bona fide cultural touchstone, Degrassi degrqssi welded to our psyche, inspiring everything from fan fiction about the real life death of Wheels actor Neil HopeReggae covers of Zit Remedy's opus " Everybody Wants Something " to slightly depressing semi-annual Where Are they Now?

I remember one year a Facebook friend said that her yigh were having fun Trick or Treating, only it was the 30th. I remember when I was a young lad we would all go in our respective costumes, have a Halloween parade around the school and degrxssi have a Halloween party at the end of the day. This is by far the lamest thing that has been invented. None of those episodes were remotely about her or else we would have known jnior she ate her own weight at her favorite eating establishment, The Hungry Heifer.

Probably had a lot to do with the shitty acting that he did in that episode. But their music will live on forever, even though it was just one song. When Joey sees Rick get beaten by his father, Joey must decide whether to report the incident or keep it to himself and see his friend continue suffering. After hearing about the accident, no one knows what to say to Wheels, especially best friend Snake.

We never did find out how that talent show played out. And Max, remember Max? Trust Me "This episode goes all over the place location wise, actually the most locations in one episode, and at extreme distances from each other. Considering himself an outsider who pretty much hated everyone there.

Now, new problems arise including long working hours and not having any time for her friends. November 30, by Degrassi Guy Hibh a comment. This one year this poor kid got egged by some assholes driving around in a car.

When cynical Rick suddenly takes an interest in juniir Environmental Action Committee, Caitlin decides he can be redeemed if people will give him the chance. This is probably the biggest, craziest piece of Degrassi High. Bitterness on being picked on by the cast, None of the girls wanting to get with him.

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Amanda Cook as LD. Special thanks to Brian Donnelly and djhpanthers Retrontario plumbs the seedy depths of Toronto flea markets, flooded basements, thrift shops and garage sales, mining old VHS and Betamax tapes that less than often contain incredible moments of history that were accidentally recorded but somehow survived the ravages of time. Other appearances was when she got her pic taken for picture day, that was actually the origin of the name Asian grandma.

Thanks to all you loyal readers who have read every single entry in this crazy little blog.

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