I hate myself

Try go for a 30 minute walk a day. Each day, find something to do that makes you feel proud of yourself. What astonished me was the replies. Work on your emotional health. Have you and your therapist considered medication?

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I don't know if any of these thoughts and feelings are due to depression or if it's ymself it's all true. They have their own insecurities.

Speaking positively to yourself and about yourself is the first step toward loving yourself. We need to remember that when we compare ourselves to others we may not know the whole story as well.

There are more than you think, but try starting with one. January Nelson January Nelson is a writer, editor, dreamer, and occasional exotic dancer. I do feel very sorry for your generation, I have a son nearly 28,two daughters,19 and Notify me of new posts by email. We respect your privacy.

Build the necessary social skills. Yes it is the way of families to want all of their members to be happy, but usually it's taken for granted.

i hate myself :)

He believes something is wrong with him his looks, his skills, his personality, his salary, his status…, etc. But I am of value because God loves me, even if no one else does. If you have been with the same therapist for the past eight years, and you are happy with him or her that is good. Hello and welcome to Beyond Blue. Create the healthy life you desire and deserve!

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What astonished me was the replies. He may even post questions about how to increase his height! It allows me to write a bit more, but more importantly I think you have chosen this name as a reflection of yourself and I am certain this is not accurate. Retrieved from " https: Now as for the education thing.

Why Do I Hate Myself?

I know you said you are seeing a psychologist, do you find that isn't working at all? Hi thehiss, As someone who has suffered from anxiety for around 10 years, I can see how it has also managed to turn into depression, I have battled these feelings as well By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Most people that actually hate themselves are actually very nice decent people who are overly critical of themselves.

I've explained this to my psychologist and he basically said "they're just thoughts" plus my family constantly says that I'm smart and intelligent but I think they just say that to make me feel better. When you hate yourself, you have trouble accepting love and accepting compliments. That feeling is extremely painful.

If not you could consider going to another one. I spend a lot of time on the Internet looking at extreme hardcore pornography. myselg

I Hate Myself for Loving You

Actively try to monitor your thoughts during the day. Need help breaking free from addiction?

You assume people want nothing to do with you. IF you hate yourself, is there a specific thing that you hate? Contentment is not an automatic by-product of change.

Hating ourselves is evil in itself, God made every merging good including us, we have no right to judge.

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