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Previous Entry Next Entry. Designed by Tiffany Chow. The program is delivered to you on a DVD. Funnix Beginning Math is a lesson computer program, designed for preschool or kindergarten children who know no math and have no counting skills.

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Funnix Beginning Reading Workbook. I did not have any trouble, and I'm not sure why some people are!

The Funnix Beginning Math package include workbook exercises throughout each lesson. Thank you for your prompt response. Comments 6 comments — Leave a comment.

Funnix Beginning Reading Workbook

You print the pages that are needed for each lesson. Bsginning you want both Reader and Workbook you should order the combo above and save some money.

My problem is not downloading, is when I try to install. Funnix Beginning Reading and Funnix 2 is complete lessons taking children from beginning non-readers to reading at a beginninf third grade level.

PDFs of all workbook pages are included in your package. This assessment is for Funnix Beginning Reading only.

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Currently in 8th grade. I am not sure what else to suggest! Log in No account? The Math DVD consists of 2 installers and 3 special-use files which can be printed. Melissa - 22, Special Needs.

Either the DVD got scratched, lost or your version is old and will funnid work on newer operating systems. Thanks for your help. The Funnix 2 program includes a Reader that is required for the first reading of the story during each lesson. Enjoys computer, video and board games, especially Minecraft and shooter games, silly jokes, soccer, rough-housing, and occasional cuddling and reading.

We reduced the price to make Funnix more affordable for everyone who needs it. Works on either a Mac or PC. Designed by Tiffany Chow.

We bought a new hard drive GB and installed windows 7. Our mission is to show that all children betinning become proficient learners if the instruction is sound. We decided to upgrade the computer.

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Ben - 9, Has never been to any outside school. Currently doing 3rd grade at home. It is also appropriate for older students who have not learned beginning math operations. I've always been a fairly relaxed homeschooler. While I've buckled down more this year with my 8th grader, in general we do school around readng, not life around school. The material for teaching Funnix Beginning Reading and Funnix 2 consists of 4 computer programs and 5 special-use files. I'll try this weekend to free some space and see what happen.

Some people said that they just kept trying and eventually the download worked.

Funnix Beginning Reading Assessment Booklet. I downloaded, but when tried to install asked me to choose another place

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