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Thanks as always Voksi! It happens to the people with i5 k as well, I think. CPY seems to crack mostly weeb shit on time if you look at what they focus on.

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Baldman said in their last release that they stopped because they had no more times and leaves the rest of the works to CPY.

Can anyone tell me how to install this? Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Thank you Voksi for spending so much of your time to entertain us. Cracking denuvo takes 10 hrs min with steam protection. This sub is now entering a post-Voksi stage.

Since people with their CPUs already reported the game working. Im really like it. Thanks as always Voksi! I couldn't find it so I just pasted the folder with the variant for my PC into the game directory. Welcome to Reddit, the front page manqger the internet. Submit a new text post. I'm an idiot ignore me, It's all there. D Little do they know Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


In pre-Voksi I only ever came here once every month or so to see if someone had finally cracked the big games. Can someone help me in starting an online game? I got it working. Tnx Voksi, i shere your crack on Cs Rin Ru.

Please make sure steam is running and you're logged in to an account entitled to the game. Jurassic World Evolution ;' we'resoldiers waiting for this crack! I always use v1 1st release and I've never had problems with any of your cracks since you started releasing and I have a six-year old CPU, FX It happens to the people with i5 k as well, I think.

Submit a new link. It opens and I am able to play it but it always gives me the BSOD about 10 or so mins into playing the game. Could you please help me? I had only extracted the rar file. : CrackWatch

CPY seems to crack mostly weeb shit on time if you look at what they focus on. I've downvoted myself in shame.

I keep getting this message. Hey man, sorry, but where do I download crcak steam-rip? I just can't join the game created by my friend. If piracy history is ever taught, Voksi will have earned an honorable mention by then. Download and paste the crack as well and the game should run fine. To get live announcements of the latest releases, follow our twitter.

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