Compaq visual fortran 64 bit

In fact I did the same and the result was OK for my office computer and I failed when I repeated the above procedure in my home computer. Skip to main content. Or does a solid compiler suffice with which you obtain acceptable runtimes of your program?

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Do you have special requirements for the debugger, which belongs to the scope of supply of most of the compiler systems we offer?

Not suprising, since it is a product whose development has been discontinued sometimes about 5 years ago. Assuming compsq copy of Windows 7 is one of the higher end versions that supports it, you can install "Windows XP Mode" really, a copy of Microsoft's virtual machine and probably run it under that.

Log in to post comments. A product fortrzn you don't wonder how to use every time you start the IDE. Then everything worked just swell!

Thank you for any idea or advice in advance. The compiler worked perfectly in Windws 10 as well. I installed compaq visual fortran 6.

Contrary to what has been said, the Compaq Fortran 6 environment can be run within Windows 7 - 64 bits. Sign up for our informative Newsletters. As regards my office computer I ran the file from compa installation CD: Do you program in Fortran regularily or sporadically? I could also compile and build one of my Fortran 95 programs. Which of theses compiler systems is the right one for you may be decided by one of the following criteria: Otherwise, you may prefer a compiler by Intel or Lahey which both integrate in Microsoft Visual Studio - which is more complex to use than the other ones.

Almost any of our compiler manufactureres offer free evaluation copies available for a limited time.

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Mojtaba - I have much more than that, or should i say - had - at the time of the switch. Ask us, or try the compiler system that comes next to your requirements. It is now 17 years old and your expectations should be adjusted accordingly. Thank you for the replies.

How to install Compaq Visual Fortran under Windows 10

Then, I do not know how and why. A short test run was also successful. Jerry Coffin k 47 VS is functionally quite extensive, but since it is not restricted to Fortran programming, this might be a compqq for some Fortran programmers who feel confused and overwhelmed by all of the possibilities the IDE visaul. With respect to this, Intel Fortran offers the most flexibility you will need the full Microsoft Visual Studio for mixed langauge programming rather than the Shell which is included.

How to install Compaq Visual Fortran under Windows 10

Leave a Comment Please sign in to add a comment. My recommendation is that you upgrade to Intel Fortran, which is of the same linemeaning all your libraries for example, for plotting on screen will still be there. I failed, see my previous messages. This week I have checked three times using my colleagues office computers at the Department if SetupX For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

It's interesting that these aren't consistent - some people succeed, some don't, and there is no pattern to it. Solution of the original problem: Please keep in mind that Compaq Visual Fortran isn't an Intel product and it was superseded by Intel Visual Fortran inwell before even Windows 7 much less Windows 10 was around. Sticking to Fortran standard minimizes visua, when switching between compilers.

When, however, I clicked on Install Visual Fortran the program disappeared from dortran Task Manager list and nothing happened. This is, however, quiter a long procedure.

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