Car accident sounds

A System for Detecting Anomalous Sounds. Major accidents on highways, freeways and local roads can lead to huge social and economic impacts. We have beforehand built such dataset with real car accident sounds. The proposed accident detection algorithm receives inputs from the vehicle, via ODB-II, and from the smartphone sensors, namely the accelerometer, the magnetometer and the gyroscope.

Car racing screensaver

Anti-virus report for NASCAR Racing Our editors have reviewed all files and found them to be safe, but they are also checked automatically using many different virus scanners. Any of the photos can additionally be set as your desktop wallpaper via the screensaver's settings panel, where you can also change transition effects. Please post it on our message board no registration. The camera frequently changes its angle, showing you the race from multiple perspectives, from in-car views to key track locations.

Felix titling font

More Hot Questions How do you put two gifs next to each other in the same image using ulead gif animator? This "headline" popularity was due to the font's large point size design providing excellent contrast when used with increased character spacing. The symbols in a typeface that represent characters like A ,! While the job often involves tight d