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Bauhaus-Light-Light Converted from f: The use of this type family was mainly for posters, magazine covers and advertisements. Though it does not have a decorative quality it does have a strong opinion which influences the texture of the content. Bauhaus Heavy BT mfgpctt-v1. There is consistency and mathematics involved in the methodology used to construct the curvature and the angles.

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Microsoft bundled Bauhaus 39 a variant of the original Bauhaus to make it accessible to the public. It almost feels like a construction drawing of a staircase or an architectural blue bauhas. He had a strong background in Architecture which could have had the influence on shaping the typeface itself.

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Herbert Bayer is the bauhahs to create Bauhaus as a type face. I conducted a further research on where was this type commonly used.

Bauhaus-Thin Converted from F: Bauhaus-Thin Converted from f: Bauhaus-Heavy-Bold Converted from F: When Ksenya Samarskaya our course instructor at Harbour. Re-using modules to form two different letters.

Dont anyone knows otherwise please notify us.

This Typeface bauhays introduced as the functional font, I believe that it cannot be used for the purpose of body text or a business presentation. Objects were dissected into their raw and true geometry, as they considered this as the most efficient way to design any structure. I would argue that in contrast it has a strong identity. Bauhaus Italic Converted from D: Bauhaus Medium Macromedia Fontographer 4.

The designers of this time believe in the purist concept of the relationship of form to space Poling, hence it wasn't surprising to see parallels in staircase construction drawing and the construction of the type face. They made a significant contribution not only in the field of Architecture but 93-nogmal Typography.

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I wanted to investigate if it was a commercial type specimen and if it really stayed true to the family it belonged to. This often led me bauaus think that, it could be the design discussions across these different disciplines that could have lead to the typography designers to borrow elements of Architecture principles to create type.

I dug further to understand the transition of the style to a more bold typeface that had more of a spatial quality as opposed to the mechanical geometric lines as created by Piet Zwart. It could 93-noral the starting point which influenced the thought process of typography artists when designing flnt for the Bauhaus family in the future.

Bauhaus 93 is available only as a Regular font it was never completed. It served the purpose of a distinct logo that defined brands that represented playfulness and fun.

Bauhaus93 Average Rating 0 Based on 0 rating. Bauhaus Bold Italic Converted from D: Most of the materials used were concrete,steel,stones etc.

Bauhaus Demi Macromedia Fontographer 4. Bauhaus-Light-Light Converted from C: When I went through my collection of these water systems I was astonished to see many references that resonated with the common module that was used to create the type family. In the book Shaping text, it was mentioned that he believed that less interesting the type it is bauhqus typographically usable.

I personally feel that the font has a more serious out look and identity as opposed to the flimsy use of the font for children products. Bauhaus-Bold Converted from D: I tried to find patterns within bauhaux construction of the type to understand the thought process behind each of the lines,curves and angles. Bauhaus Bold Macromedia Fontographer 4.

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