Autocad script files

April 19, at 7: An help is appreciated. In fact some would argue the malleability of the software as being its best feature. Donnie, How do we make a comment in a script file that will show on the Command Line after the script has run?

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Tutorial: Automate tasks with a script file - AutoCAD Tips Blog

Hello, I am creating standard layers and would like to atuocad a Script to load them to the drawing. I created a block with an attribute within a drawing, and wrote a script to insert instances of that block at various points and define its attribute.

Probably, it still selecting object in Model Space, instead of Paper Space where my title block is located. Once you have a script written, how can you have it automatically invoked from the command line?

So please, no LISP routines. You usually create them in Notepad.

It has a nice user interface that can simplify and store your scripts, has reusable tags so you can make generic scripts for different projects, and even batch update Title Blocks with variable data… take a look http: To insert a comment, precede the text with a semicolon. April 18, at 5: Ellen April 19, at 8: Thank you so much in advance for your great help.

Then I put more specific questions. The incorrect coordinates are nowhere in the script. Learn how your comment data is processed. I am somewhat confused as to what is happening, and I would appreciate it if you could give me some tips. Write the command as it is understood by AutoCAD in the file. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

I have been trying to write a script file that would turn certain layers on and off for a entire project. So how is that possible?

Is there anyway to run scripts across fipes 2 sessions. I only had position problems on 2 occasions. Behrouz October 15, at 5: Regards, behrouz Darren November 3, at 8: The file is called scriptpro. Is this article up to date? Is this possible to do?

how to execute "script" file in AutoCAD ?

So rather than saving it as script. The script is easier to read if you put each command on its own line.

How to run it through jsp. The template files get copied into the job directories and then renamed based on the project name in the database.

I check the command history and it matches the script file. The value of scripts is that you can use them over and over and they can do long lists of commands, even on many drawings.

Yes, you can start AutoCAD and specify a autoacd. I don't know much about script files. July 2, fkles 9: I was wondering if this is some compatibility problem- office can't open files?

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