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Set the collective in the full down position use the joystick throttle, or press F2. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Each time the engines bring up the rotor speed, you will get added torque that needs to be offset by the rudder controls.

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Enter the airport traffic area in a safe manner that avoids obstacles, and follow the landing procedures as described. Agusfawestland the left pedal and the helicopter's nose rotates to the left.

Here are some tips to help you fly the EH rsx an autorotation: Focusing on a point too close to the nose makes it difficult to maintain the proper aircraft attitude. I just let her fly crooked and I always remember to take a motion sickness pill before flight. All speeds given in Flight Notes are indicated airspeeds.

Transition to the hover over the landing spot. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. As airspeed reaches 10 to 15 knots, the helicopter enters effective translational lift. Raise or lower the collective to maintain altitude. Approach Eh1001 in a helicopter need to factor local traffic and terrain as well as a target speed and configuration. I have the same trouble; she's hard to control.

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The EH needs almost five degrees nose up to prevent forward movement. Landing To land the EH, reverse the procedure for a normal takeoff. Use small, smooth adjustments of agushawestland collective to maintain the proper altitude.

The stick part of the joystick controls the cyclic, which controls the helicopter's pitch attitude in flight and movement over the ground while in a hover. This is essentially how the collective works in Flight Simulator.

FSX Irish Air Corps Agusta Westland EH101

It's a good aircraft. You'll need slight forward cyclic pressure if you take off into a headwind, left pressure with a left crosswind, and so forth.

To achieve the proper glide ratio and travel the greatest distance, maintain 65 KIAS, the maximum-distance glide speed.

There is a eh1011 fix at http: Until you register you can read any of the articles on this page and also read messages in the forums. The helicopter should become light on the wheels as you reach 40 to 60 percent torque.

Agusta Westland EH101 Camera Views

Compensate by adding slight up collective increase the joystick throttle setting, or press F3. Use the anti-torque pedals to keep the helicopter in coordinated flight.

Continue the approach until the rate of closure with the landing spot accelerates. Autorotation Autorotation in a helicopter is the equivalent of a power-off glide in an airplane. On the crosswind leg, depart the traffic pattern or return for another landing by turning 90 degrees again to join the downwind leg.

RNZAF August Westland EH for FSX

Use that point and atustawestland outside horizon as references to help you maintain the helicopter's alignment and attitude as you lift off. In these Missions, the sling is already suspended from the bottom of the EH and you cannot raise or lower the sling.

A whole lot better than others I have tried. Generally, you would use this fdx when taxiing from one area to another on the airport or if you needed to move the helicopter a short distance. To level off from a descent, start increasing collective about 50 feet 15 meters above the altitude at which you want to level off. The fluctuations are from torque.

Never skydive from your flight simulator!

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