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Students who practice with my lessons daily need only about 6 to 8 months until they speak German fluently! This is a free email course but please note that the main purpose of this email course is not to provide you with lessons but to show you great learning techniques 7 rules and a special method rule No 7 that will help you to learn to speak German fluently very quickly in months instead of years. Accusative Case "den" Lesson You already have a basic understanding of the German language. I explain this in more detail in basic lesson No

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What want you drink? Online Store Learning Other Languages: How to form basic questions in German.

BBC - Learn German with free online lessons

Videoportal From Switzerland's public TV. If you get a funny or interesting story, you would probably have no problem to repeat it more than one time repetition is very important.

German numbers German numbers are pretty easy, but there are a couple of curve balls to keep you on your toes. How to order food in langauge restaurant by saying "I would like Days of the Week in German. It will enable your brain to think in German. How do I learn German fast?

Language Lovers I won. Basic Online Audio Lessons Have fun with my basic online lessons on this website. Intermediate and advanced students: Finally, you'll learn how to pronounce Pfeffer.

Learn German Easily

They use the same method but they focus on different things. Telling Time in German Lesson Germany Angela Merkel puts on hold arms sales to Saudi Arabia adio And the most important thing is that you are actively involved. You can do all my other free basic lessons on this website check out the drop down boxes. You will hear a native speaker tell the story and ask the questions.

By answering questions your brain is active and will absorb the information just like that. Being able to think in German is what you need if you want to speak German fluently.

Free German lessons

Check out the drop down boxes for more lessons. German numbers are pretty easy, but there are a couple of curve balls to keep you on your toes. Repeat all lessons many times. Are you still with me? Click the play button. The bare minimum you need to survive! A Guide to German Facts, essential phrases plus the German alphabet.

Polite languuage informal commands in German "Find my book! You already speak German! Find out more about page archiving.

Free online German lessons with audio

Henning Wehn The stand-up comedian finds out what's so funny about German. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web gegman with style sheets CSS enabled. Talking about yourself in German Eavesdrop on Jens as he goes speed dating, and you'll learn how to talk about yourself and your interests.

Read and listen to the German words and sentences without looking at the English translation.

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