Gemvision matrix 6.0

The tool bars are setup in such a way as to take you step by step entering the parameters you desire. Call or email support questions have been answered quickly. It is a very complex and powerfull tool that is changing the jewelry industry. Neither will I, unless I can try it myself.

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The user interface is intuitive and easy to get around in.

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Yes, Rhino3D is very powerful software, but without Matrix, it is too general. So on, so on. A few years back I became interested in 3 d modeling and learned about Rhino. I have been using the matrix product from the first beta versions to the release of version 1. As others have posted; you are buying into the company.

If you go to a trade show you can take a test drive on Matrix at the Gem Vision Booth. Once you know your ways around Rhino and Grasshopper you'll never consider ANY packages that actually, unless you know Rhino inside-out, weakens your skills by using several automatons built in, matric builders etc.

For jewelery design, Matrix takes the power of Rhino and magnifies it. Found nothing useful besides the sells pitches. I just want gemvisiion say in closing that I have 17 years experience in the jewelry field.

They did all the work so I could just make jewelry and sell it.

The plug-in is very well thought out for a person who wants to make jewelry. I just have to respond by saying I have seen these Matrix guys at trade shows for years now. So in this case - no sale without evaluation.

After all these reviews about 'no demo' there is 'still no demo'. By far the best jewelry design software on the market. The program is truly a work in progress as new capabilities are added frequently. You'd sell 10 times as much if you'd price it for it's value is, and put the product on the market like everybody else katrix the world.

My investment in their other products provided me with the confidence needed to make a capital expenditure that is by far the smartest investment I have made in the jewelry business. Go to a trade show or arrange a presentation in your store. I spent four years teaching rhino to my students and all the time lusted after the Gemvision front end.

You get what you pay for First how can somebody rate this program a '0' when they never tried it. Many tasks that would be complicated to do using Rhino alone are gemision and automated in Matrix.

Once you have created your design in Matrix, it can be sent to any number of service bureaus to grown as a wax model for casting. For those crying about no demos, contact the company and setup an gemvission demo. And these above-mentioned qualities are essentially what you need to be successful in today's competitive jewelry industry.

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GemvisionGemvision Corporation Customer Reviews. It is neatly flooded with builders that handle everything needed to make finished jewelry. They are always willing to help you get the job done. I think, if they are not able to build a working-demo, how can they make an absolute perfect tool?

This company although might have a good product but they sound like a life insurance company who can only sell their products through sales people. The bottom line is that the people of Gemvision are the best and their product outperforms the rest of the competition. Utilizzo il cad da 6 anni e ho provato tutti i software sul mercato.

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