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The Web Unlock tool offers parents more customization choices by giving them the control over their children's access to Web sites and Internet content. For Your Important E-Mail. With new personalized and adaptive spam filters, you can set preferences with key terms that help filter out spam e-mail by subject. And with AOL 9.

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Web Unlock tm Tool for Parents: To get the most from their basic broadband connection, consumers can simply add the AOL for Broadband service to any DSL or cable Internet connection through a local phone, cable TV or Knline provider. Each Screen Americq on an AOL member's account can now store up to 20 megabytes of e-mail indefinitely - for a total of up to megabytes per account - at no additional charge, and access saved messages from any Internet-connected computer.

America Online Introduces AOL(r) Optimized | WarnerMedia

New protections, including personalized and adaptive spam filters that get smarter as you use them, and enhanced Parental Controls that put parents in control and allow members and their families to take on the Internet's biggest annoyances on their terms.

AOL's new TopSpeed tm Web acceleration technology that enhances Web surfing at no additional charge, as well as software that will automatically reconnect and restart if an interruption occurs in either a dial-up or broadband session, along with entirely new ways to customize the AOL experience, including a personalized Welcome experience with new options to help members quickly get to important things every time they sign on.

AOL for Broadband offers consumers enhanced value with the best on-demand and exclusive programming online and delivers an "all access ticket" to content packages and features from leading brands.

For Your Important E-Mail. And with AOL 9. Each AOL for Broadband user can sign on with his or her own Screen Name and enjoy all of their own customized settings and personal preferences, and experience the Internet the way they want.

You can invite others to events directly from the calendar and notify invitees automatically when event information is updated. Highlights of how AOL for Broadband brings basic broadband to life, include: Whenever they want, members can watch the latest news from ABC News or CNN NewsPass, get weather forecasts around the world, see new music videos, and check out highlights from the major leagues. With multiple simultaneous log-ins, up to seven AOL Screen Names can be online at the same time with only one AOL for Broadband account and a high-speed connection through a home network.

New E-Mail Management Tools: Members can also order a free AOL 9. And Internet Access Controls, which allow parents to "lock down" their computer and prevent their child from accessing external browsers or other Internet access programs - like file sharing software. AOL's enhanced Manage Mail tools let you sort, filter and organize messages for more control. Also, a new Mail QuickView feature makes it convenient to see recently received mail at-a-glance.

AOL rolling out version "Optimized" upgrade -

AOL also makes it simple for members to select and install optijized home networking gear they need. The Web Unlock tool offers parents more customization choices by giving them the control over their children's access to Web ameruca and Internet content. AOL is already blocking millions of spam e-mails everyday. We studied how people use broadband, talked to our members about what AOL can offer to enhance their high-speed experience, and translated what we learned into the new features in AOL 9.

As part of this campaign, AOL will integrate online promotions, product placement and full-scale brand advertising to increase exposure to 9.

The integrated Video AOL feature provides instant access to videos from across the AOL service so members can watch breaking news, get weather forecasts, and see the latest in sports, music, movies, games, travel and entertainment - whenever they want, from one place, in crystal-clear quality.

Get Optimized 9.0 Optimized America Online (BA90384)(2003)

New features with AOL 9. From built-in protection for members and their families to the best on-demand and exclusive programming online, this new version of AOL truly optimizes the broadband experience like no other online service.

VIP access to exclusive, original, brand name news, sports, entertainment, and music content that makes the online experience more complete for members. In addition to these new features, the AOL service also provides members with automatic virus scanning for e-mail attachments.

Once again, the Company that encouraged generations of people to experience the Internet, is delivering a consumer-focused online service that provides real value, enjoyment, and the most ease and convenience available.

Ammerica On-Demand and Exclusive Programming: On Friday, August 1st, AOL for Broadband members using the Microsoft r Windows r XP and Windows r operating systems will be the first to get an exclusive, preview copy of the new version before the product is generally released in stores and marketing outlets this fall.

AOL for Broadband offers the best online radio experience available with its Radio AOL for Broadband service that allows members to choose their favorites from more than stations in CD-quality sound. Members can enjoy a range of entertainment content available nowhere else, including the popular "Sessions AOL" Highlights and onlien Rocks! You will be able to instantly publish online thoughts, photos, a travelogue and more. AOL for Broadband delivers industry-leading video to members on demand.

AOL's Instant Messenger tm service comes alive with new 3D icons that actually act out some of your common phrases and chat abbreviations. AOL Journals are integrated with the new Picture Finder for adding photos and picture albums to text entries, with instant messaging for easy updating while online or via text messages from a cell phone, and through the AOL r by Phone voice service.

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