I6 internet explorer

I wished i had never done it. Its inconceivable to say current devices are not powerful enough to run PIE6. Could anybody help me please?

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Do you not realize that IE6 is the most despised browser out there by designers and developers? This is your chance to hold on to these people by giving them an update that could make them want to keep their WM phones.

If it requires more powerful devices then at the very least you can put a minimum spec out there. November 12, at 2: I guess you already are, but why not provide updates for existing WM-users?

November 25, at 4: Stop using Internet Explorer 6! Learn everything Opera can do for you Now you have Android gearing up to take a piece of the pie. Windows Mobile is really Windows 98 for Phones. Now with iinternet more speed and bugfixes.

Iris Browser looks to have leaped all the self-sufficient browsers available at this time Opera Mobile, NetFront, etc. This site aims to inform people on the benefits of using a modern browser.

Internet Explorer Mobile 6

The decision seems to lie with the equipment providers and not with Microsoft and has more to do with bottom lines than a need for more powerful equipment or satisfied customers. December 29, at 5: Probably this user would not go for a mobile with the same OS again. My HTC touch is my first and last windows mobile device.

And it really makes me sorry. Is this by design, or will it change in the release version? Apple provides updates for the iPhone. It is the fastest browser that I have seen, and does not The fact that you would use the name "IE6" and not realize that IE6 is one of the most hated browsers among developers in existance today screams how out of touch you are.

There needs to be available updates available for those who spend the money for these high performance phones. Microsoft is doing a terrible job on WM, Microsoft thought that the market was going to stall if they did not exlporer any improvements and you failed miserably on WM.

So, why do so many people continue to use internte The PIE6 marketshare is not, and will not be large enough for many developers to bother. December 7, at 1: Show Windows mobile some love! November 20, at November 27, at 6: November 23, at 5: November 24, at 5: I think I can speak for everyone, when I say we have trouble understanding the strategy behind this.

Internet Explorer 10 para Windows 7 (Windows) - Descargar

As a shareholder in your company Microsoft and software developer, I always like when new exciting products are coming out from you. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. With regards to the emulator images, maybe I am missing the point — but why do I want to exploerr for explorrer platform PIE6that does not have any mobiles running it yet?

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