Ghajini english subtitle

He recalls only fragments of the incident. He didn't shoot at anyone, did he? I met you about Sanjay Singhania. What did I do two years ago?

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I never gave him much of a lift.

Open the doorgo in. I wish this Moon is never overcast. Fine, I won't take it up. OhI'm sorry.

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And you for oneare putting him away? You will come, won't you?

You ' re going to be stunned If it ends up with the policeI'm in a fix. An ad film gbajini is coming here. Now let's hear you say, here's one for men.

Ghajini Full Movie p with English Subtitle

We ' re from the Dinanath Charitable Trust. Sunitayou want me to call your parents? I'd like to meet you again. How do you do?

A murder enquiry can become big trouble. Actually, we only met at Delhi airport. Why are you locking us? Please leave him alone On whose say-so have you printed his name? Do what comes your way, papads, mosquito coils. Don 't you hold backjust give it away.

Orby jotting things down in writing.

Ghajini (Hindi DVD with English subtitles)

Of how many apparitions of menshould women beware? LikeSachin Tendulkar.

Take a test drive. My director said you'd be coming. Looks okay to me.

It's the brain that controls every body part. Let me surmise what might've happened.

Ghajini Full Movie 720p with English Subtitle

The radio, there's one in there. And that was a kiss in public.

He keeps on asking the names of bus stops. I'm giving you the address. This looks like a dangerous area.

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