Asda pet insurance claim form

Review ASDA pet insurance. Picking up my Pup in 2wks so have been looking online for 'Full Life' cover. Avoid like the plague, we signed as prices looked good. Text on Monday said claim form had been sent out.

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Now June and they say they haven't received it. Review ASDA pet insurance.

Reviews of ASDA pet insurance

Our cavalier is 8 years old and sadly over the last couple of years has developed firstly epilepsy and then diabetes. I am not paid to do their claims work for them. This resulted in a two week delay of emails and long phone calls. Avoid like the plague, we signed as prices looked good.

We are both pensioners and finding the cost of insuring our much loved pet crippling. The vet dealt with Asda directly and we had to do very little other than contact Asda initially and supply policy number to the vet. All the want is your premiums and never pay out, Leave you waiting for months then tell you your claim cpaim for no legitimate reasons.

I've been with Asda since my cat was a kitten 11 years ago. Also on my previous claim they were supposed to pay the moment to the vets but instead paid it to me. Y I thought that I had bought lifetime cover and it ran out once we reached the maximum per condition.

I have life time cover for my dog who has just turned 3 years old. My vet happened to put pft 5th August on the claim form for reasons best known to himself.

I thought insurance was to help when your pet was poorly but seems more like a savings scheme to me. Vet also said that Asda were never a problem. She was found as a stray at around 5 peet old so I am unaware of her actual dob and always say 1st August as a near-enough date.

Appointment at vet which quickly led to an emergency operation as they thought fom had a blockage. Ted, 29 April Dog went in for op.

We filled in our bit, vet did their bit and sent it off. I have decided not to review these and instead save the money. The claims asds pushed back chasing the vet for previous history to me as a cover for failing to do their job.

I realise that my cat is getting older and understand that my premium will go up but doubled??

Absolute embarrassment insruance an insurer. Did you find that their premiums increased after a year? Mark16 April Total rip off merchants. They dealt with the two claims within a week and I was reimbursed within 10 days.

Been looking all day to find a good Pet Insurance plan for our pup get in 2 wks x.

Like other reviews mention, once you've made a claim and you were to change companies you would not be covered for this pre-existing condition. I had one fairly small claim around 5 years ago that was handled agreeably. Having looked for new insurance last year I found Asda as a competitive policy, read gorm through and took it out, Made claaim claim in February for pancreatitis stomach complaint policy has just come for renewal and its over double.

I am sitting here reading these reviews and am shocked by the ratings. Well done Co-Op you are brilliant. Going for 'Full Life' plans only. Will never use them again.

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