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Here is a link with contact info for the US sales rep team for 3Design. You were looking in the right section under Jewellery CAD software , but under the wrong software package:. Need to do jewellery cad course so need sme information Reply. Many reasons pushed me towards new technologies but my objective was mainly to improve quality, creation time and to design entire ranges easily and more rapidly. All the links on this page have been updated to take you to the right place to ask about bespoke training at Holts Academy.

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Technical plans Material cost report Stone cost report Crimping plan. In addition the Jewelry Distributor 3desiggn Grande holds 4 classes per year and provides a 1 month practice license gratis. Reviews Articles Charts Add Add.

Order Summary Quantity Each 0. It is so gratifying! The creation of brand names has never been as easy and customisable. Here desigb the link of the trade fair: Just like with every other major CAD software package, they want you to contact them directly to get the price.

3DESIGN: 3D CAD software for jewellery and accessories | Type3

Please be aware that we vigilantly protect your account information—it will never be shared or sold to any third party for any reason, ever. Market and sell your creations prior to manufacturing. Jewelr can sketch my ideas on paper and transform them in the software by positioning my drawings in any direction I want, then trace them directly and build the shapes I have in mind. To encourage goldsmiths and designers with decades of experience in the trade, the 3Design interface is clean, visual and simple to use.

3DESIGN: 3D CAD software

Each step cac automatically recorded in the associative construction tree. Wie erstelle ich einen Ring? STL is the rapid prototyping standard used by 3D printers.

To put it another way: The freedom to change your mind at will and make corresponding changes to your designs can quickly get out of control!

Create a sketch with the dedicated "Draft Kit" module Use numerous "professional assistants" to create your ring bodies, stones, jewelling and cut-outs, honeycomb, sizing, etc Use the catalogue of components and assemble them 3deesign create new pieces Import your 3D files and continue modelling in 3DESIGN or 3SHAPER Create and customise your own stone, metal, weight, plating, cost reports and achieve a quality creation.

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Kelly Thornton 7 August, at Simply a "must" to achieve the best resilt possible. It is really for me dssign intuitive application and thanks to the Training Lounge I can find a lot of jewellery designing tutorials.

I have been designing jewellery and manufacturing. Ideal for new designers or additional users. The Student version has all the designing tools necessary. Ideal for rings as well as any 3D object.

3DESIGN CAD Software for Jewelry Creation

The shaping envelope From flower petals shaped by the wind, you can create a shape by working on its overall volume. Create realistic high-quality images, with textured backgrounds, reflections and light effects, watermarks, logos, etc. While most CAD programs now have some limited parametric capability often called Historythe 3desjgn 3Design is designed entirely around parametric modelling makes it ideal for any workflow where the designer has to rework the design over and over again, such as size ranges or collections based on the same motif.

It enables me to modify my designs until achieving the satisfied result and saving a lot of valuable time. These capabilities are absolutely necessary for me to complete my 3desiyn. With the help of an educator owning a Master versionproduction is made possible. Its user interface worked with me right away and I can understand more and more Jewelers are finding themselves in this solution. Please name your new lists You may add a description of the list.

Your new favourite tool!

Roni Cohavi - Cohavi Jewellery - Australia.

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